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For over 20 years, Zanellato has been crafting exceptional clothing and accessories that blend classic Italian style with modern sensibilities. The brand is a go-to for those seeking premium pieces to carry their everyday necessities in style and comfort.

Narrating the Zanellato Genesis

Born in Vicenza, a city in North-eastern Italy known for its rich art and history, Zanellato found inspiration in the surrounding beauty to create their first line of bespoke clothing and accessories. The brand continued to evolve under the skillful hands of Franco Zanellato, a visionary who has made his way into the prestigious Italian fashion scenario with creativity and persistence. Their products, made entirely in Italy using precision craftsmanship, reinterpret the art of handbag design, establishing Zanellato as a leader in the modern luxury fashion industry.

Dive into the Zanellato Universe

Zanellato is a brand synonymous with individuality and tradition. They have always been deeply connected with their Italian roots, valuing the artisans' passion and craftsmanship that define their unique creations. Each piece comes with a story, a dream, aesthetic pleasure, and above all, a sense of exceeding comfort and functionality. Zanellato’s passion for creating beautiful, enduring products is evident in their dedication to quality and detailed artistry.

Zanellato – The Markings of a Maestro

Zanellato stands out for its distinguished touch and feasibility processed by Italian artisans. Each exquisite piece from the label embodies timeless elegance, paired with unparalleled comfort and durability. The brand prides itself on using the finest materials, enabling them to create wears well made and designed to last. Personalized treatments, attention to details, luxury and lightness are the main characteristics that identify the unique style of Zanellato.

Exploring the Zanellato Signature Design

Zanellato presents a multitude of designs that cater to varied fashion preferences. From the iconic Postina bag, a fashion-forward creation that has become synonymous with the brand, to sleek leather backpacks and elegant satchels, one can find effortlessly stylish options in their extensive collection. The traditional weaving techniques and refined Italian leather used in their accessories storyline is a true testament to Zanellato's commitment to quality and style.

Zanellato Collections in Miinto

Miinto presents a curated collection of Zanellato pieces that resonate with the brand’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. From handbags to accessories, the brand’s offerings on the platform promise to add an element of sophistication to any outfit. Experience the joy of easy, secure shopping and fast delivery when you choose to purchase Zanellato through Miinto. Revel in the seamless fusion of Italian tradition and modern fashion concepts with Zanellato. Each piece by the brand offers a rich blend of design, functionality, and unparalleled quality, promising a luxurious wardrobe addition that's designed to last. Explore the brand's unique collections exclusively on Miinto, and elevate your style statement with Zanellato!

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