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Yume Yume is a fashion brand like no other. This Dutch label devotes its heart and soul into creating edgy, unique footwear that effortlessly combines the traditional Japanese geta sandal design with a modern, urban twist. Every piece is designed with cutting-edge styles in mind and stands out due to their avant-garde designs and meticulous attention to detail.

Piecing Together Yume Yume

Founded by Wouter Munnichs and Roosmarijn Hondius, Yume Yume got its start based on the rich cultural foreground of Japan. The brand wanted to take the traditional wooden geta sandal and transform it into a footwear silhouette that flirts with modern design aesthetics. The word 'Yume' translates to 'dream' in Japanese signifying the brand's dreamy adventure in the realm of innovative design in footwear.

Geta Goes Modern

Yume Yume's standout feature is without doubt its fusion of the old with the new. Geta sandals, traditionally worn with kimono in Japan, are the stars of this brand's design journey. These sandals are minimally designed, easy to wear and usually feature layered wooden soles accompanied by a fabric band to secure the foot. Yume Yume dexterously takes this footwear concept and establishes a modern context with fascinating design components that are unlike anything you'd see today.

Defining Yume Yume

Yume Yume's aesthetic does not fit within the typical fashion norms which may shock traditionalists. Robust but comfortable, simple yet elaborated, and historical yet forward-thinking, these aren't just regular sandals but compiled design statements. The sandals deliver a unique fashion statement on their own with a medley of different colors, textures, and shapes serving to form distinct footwear that's as invigorating as it is fresh.

A Design Theory Like No Other

Design is at the forefront of the Yume Yume brand. In particular, their footwear focuses on three particular style points: structure, comfort, and modernity. The structural integrity of the shoe is based off its wooden or matte rubber soles, providing a steadfast base for form and functionality, while comfort is reinforced with innovative foot beds. Lastly, the modern aspect is observed in their fusion of classical Asian aesthetics with contemporary design trends digging deeper into the concept of global fashion.

Shopping Yume Yume on Miinto

Yume Yume offerings can be found on Miinto, a platform that caters to unique fashion brands. Miinto offers a diverse range of Yume Yume items, . From the Xigy with its black rubber soles and red laces to the Zuma with its leather woolen top, shoppers are sure to find a style that suits their personal flavor on Miinto. Get ready to walk into the future of footwear with Yume Yume! Yume Yume is a fashion brand that doesn’t just talk the talk, it strides forwards in style. Its innovative approach to design, conscientious ode to history, and courage to defy fashion norms make it the trailblazer it is today. Every pair evokes a distinct memory of the past while projecting aspirations of the future, a unique truth that only a brand like Yume Yume can confidently claim. Embrace the past, stride into the future, and walk forth in Yume Yume's stylish wake. It's not just footwear, it's a lifestyle.

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Yume Yume

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