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Certainly one of the most curated fashion brands out there, WARDROBE.NYC is unique in its concept, providing modern luxury essentials with an innovative approach to retail.

The Genesis of WARDROBE.NYC

WARDROBE.NYC is the result of the ingenious collaboration between fashion industry veterans - designer Josh Goot and Vogue Australia's former fashion director, Christine Centenera. The duo launched this novel venture armed with their shared passion for luxury and a common vision to pioneer a fresh approach to the traditional ready-to-wear fashion retail format. They were inspired to create an integrated solution for a modern wardrobe, with a fashionable yet practical approach.

Exploring the Realm of WARDROBE.NYC

The unique launch of WARDROBE.NYC marked a significant departure from traditional fashion retail, offering customers a minimal yet luxurious capsule of 4 or 8 pieces. The pieces in each capsule, carefully curated to work seamlessly together, create a seasonal wardrobe structure with an ease that is highly appealing to today's fashion shoppers who demand both style and practicality. Its distinctive approach makes it a delight for those who value well-designed, high-quality pieces that are versatile enough to become wardrobe staples.

Distinctive Features of WARDROBE.NYC

The inclusive approach of WARDROBE.NYC disregards the usual seasonal trends and focuses instead on creating timeless, well-constructed pieces that can easily be mixed and matched to cater to various personal styles. This brand also distinguishes itself by using top-notch materials and fostering in-house manufacturing processes, effectively combining classic tailoring with an innovative approach to design. Each collection is limited in edition, emphasising quality and uniqueness, and elevating the exclusivity factor.

Minimalism Embodied in Fashion

The primary design philosophy of WARDROBE.NYC is rooted in the belief that less is more. They present monochromatic sand blocks of colours in their collections, indicative of a minimalist aesthetic, which allows the quality and construction of their pieces to take center stage. The adopters of WARDROVE.NYC appreciate the freedom it provides to focus more on personal style rather than obsessing about the latest trends and ever-changing fashion cycles.


As a renowned online marketplace, Miinto is the ideal place to discover and purchase items by WARDROBE.NYC. As a platform, we deliver you the opportunity to find coveted and limited-edition pieces from the brand’s collection. Maintain your style with Luxurious simplicity by bringing the minimalist aesthetics of WARDROBE.NYC into your wardrobe. In a world inundated with fast fashion and constantly changing trends, WARDROBE.NYC’s innovative and refreshing approach to retail is a breath of fresh air. With its meticulously designed and curated collections, the brand offers a solution for shoppers seeking timeless luxury and practicality in their everyday wardrobes. By shifting focus from constant consumption to thoughtful purchases of quality pieces, they are redefining the fashion landscape, making not just a style statement but also a lifestyle one.

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