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Italian fashion thrives on innovation, fearless expressions, and an adventurous spirit blending with traditions. Vivetta, an Italian brand, encapsulates these elements exceptionally, creating a unique identity in the fashion world. This globally recognized brand is known for its charmingly unconventional, feminine, and quirky designs that cater to a wide range of fashion lovers across the globe.

Tracing Back: Vivetta's Emergence

Vivetta stands tall today on the global fashion platform, but its journey began from the seed of passion, nurtured by unwavering determination. Founded by Vivetta Ponti, a former designer and assistant at Roberto Cavalli, the brand quickly found its identity through Ponti’s creative expressions. It opened up a universe of post-modern aesthetics blending classical inspirations with contemporary art with an underlying touch of playful innocence.

A Surreal Fashion Adventure with Vivetta

Vivetta invites you into a dreamy, whimsical, and thought-provoking world where creativity meets fashion. With an enchanting palette of soothing pastels, vibrant colors, and intricately curated patterns, the brand's collections add a refreshing note to your wardrobe. Eccentric shapes paired with delicate embroidery and vivacious prints define the brand's signature style.

Signature Style: Unleashing Creative Wizardry

The essential elements of the Vivetta brand are innovative designs, bold color splashes, and skillfully executed hand embroidery. One can find a unique juxtaposition of art, pop culture, and contemporary designs in their collections, enabling the wearer to express themselves freely. The powdery pastels, womanly collars, fluid shapes, and surreal prints add character to each piece, making it memorable and coveted.

Wrapped in Art: Vivetta's Unique Inspirations

A Vivetta creation is more than clothes; it's wearable art. Ponti's strong artistic influences grace each creation, predominantly inspired by a blend of vintage figurines, tapestries, dolls, and surrealistic art. Every design is a fusion of art and fashion, aimed to inspire, kindle creativity, and stir conversations, ensuring every wearer leaves an astounding fashion footprint.

Embracing Vivetta on Miinto

With Miinto, adding the distinctly artistic and experimental clothing of Vivetta to your collection becomes simple and convenient. Offering a vast and varied selection of the latest Vivetta collections, Miinto ensures you instantly access your favorite brand's freshest offerings. Sophisticated dresses, whimsical tops, and statuary accessories by Vivetta await your exploration, ensuring an avant-garde fashion journey. From inception to becoming a recognized Italian fashion name, Vivetta continues to express and impress through its designs that break through the mundane, creating and inspiring new fashion narratives. Serving as a showcase for artistic expressions, the brand invites women globally to enjoy the surreal fashion journey they guarantee. In every Vivetta design, you will discover a creative narrative, an untold story waiting to be unveiled and experienced. Its inclusion on Miinto affirms our commitment to bring diverse, imaginative, and global fashion to our cherished patrons.

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