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Dive into the Vilebrequin Universe

Vilebrequin is a brand that creates a buzz in the fashion world every season. Known for its trendy swimwear and beachwear designs, Vilebrequin portrays an image of elegance, vivacity, and the joy of life under the sun.

Walk down the Memory Lane with Vilebrequin

Established in the heart of Saint-Tropez, this remarkable brand has captured the spirit of the Mediterranean coast. It all began when Roland Herlory, at the wheel of a sailboat, desires to create swim shorts that would reflect the vibrant, sun-drenched world he sees around him. Vilebrequin, denoting "crankshaft" in English, took its name from an affectionate jest about a small car Herlory was attempting to repair. Today, the brand is admired across the globe for its innovative spirit and carefree approach towards fashion.

Captivating Vilebrequin Aesthetics

Just as a delicate flower stands out amidst rugged rocks, a Vilebrequin piece is designed to create an impact. Profoundly inspired by marine aesthetics, the brand's offerings are filled with aquatic prints and motifs. Bright colors, unique cut-outs, flawless tailoring, and high attention to detailing adorn each piece. Not just swimwear, the brand's extended collection now includes chic, stylish beachwear and accessories for both men and women.

Crafting a Summer-to-Summer Experience

Theory becomes reality when Vilebrequin dives into uncharted territories and brings out collections with soulful designs. Their creations elegantly capture the spirit of a never-ending summer, thus turning dreamers into believers. From classic stripes to fantastical tropical prints and everything in between, every piece is a narrative of two worlds colliding – the carefree beach world and the meticulous world of high fashion.

Embrace the Sun with Vilebrequin on Miinto

With the offerings of Vilebrequin available on Miinto, the summer season doesn't seem too far. Customers can choose from a wide range of patterned shorts, vibrant shirts, breezy summer dresses, swimsuits, lightweight jackets and more, ready to carry anyone into a blissful summer state of mind. Shop with Miinto to transform your closet and your style, and bring the captivating Cote d'Azur to your doorstep. The Vilebrequin brand stands as a symbol of sophisticated summers and glamorous getaways. Inspired by the relaxed attitudes and high spirits of happy beachgoers, yet influenced by the precision of high fashion, Vilebrequin has created its very own niche in the world of fashion. Their memorable and distinctive creations are sure to remain favorites among fashion enthusiasts who long for a sun-kissed life with style. Immerse yourself in the Vilebrequin vibe and get ready to see the world through their sunny lens.

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