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Universal Works is a contemporary menswear brand that champions rooted and real-life-inspired design. Staunchly proud of its roots in industrial Britain, the label is inspired by founder David Keyte’s father, who worked in the steel mills as a coal miner before later moving onto factory work. Brand Universal Works is a tribute to honest, hard work and is a celebration of high-quality menswear inspired by real people from valid backgrounds and cultures.

Tracing Universal Work's Footprints

The inception of Universal Works finds its essence in the founder's background, growing up in a provincial midlands town in the 1970s. David Keyte structured the brand as an ode to his hardworking dad and those like him, who loved to dress well in his constrained means. Universal Work's designs are not about fashion trends but rather cultural movements, signifying a unique blend of old and new, focusing on fit and top-level execution.

Unravelling Universal Works

Universal Works designs reflect the identity of its founder in its every thread. It's about good fundamentals, not fussy, and understands that dressing is about personal identity. The brand believes in a balanced combination of style and subversion - reverence for the heritage of garments honored by aesthetical twistings and enjoyments. They specialize in a restrained and easy look that is never over-designed.

A Loomed Viewpoint of Universal Works

Another crucial factor that defines Universal Works is its dedication to embedding social responsibility and equality into the fabric of its business model. It has been keen to work on partnerships that celebrate global craftsmanship. For instance, GF Smith, who creates their packaging using 100% recycled materials in an old paper mill in the Lake District, and Northampton-based traditional shoemakers, Sanders.

Crafting a Style with Universal Works on Miinto

Shopping Universal Works on Miinto opens you to a realm of responsible fashion that strides with contemporary tunes. Miinto provides a wide range of collections from Universal Works. Whether you are looking for their iconic Baker’s Jacket, Aston Pants or Road Shirt, Miinto is your go-to destination for procuring Universal Works' items, rendering you a style that speaks of your personality. The iconic Universal Works dedicatedly crafts every piece with individuality and uniqueness in mind, ensuring each clothing is a perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort. Their ability to stay true to their core values while continuously delivering fashion-forward, high-quality items attests to their significant presence in the market. The heart of the Universal Works brand lies in its endearing character and commitment to craftsmanship, appropriate designs, and good quality. Evolving from straightforward beginnings, the brand produces clothing for the exact purpose with essence derived from real-life experiences and cultures. Universal Works resonates with today's men who seek a fashionable style in simplistic yet highly qualitative fashion choices. Its collections on Miinto offer varying choices to cater to this dynamism, reflecting the brand's primary objective – to make honest clothing for ordinary people.

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Universal Works

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