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Thom Browne is a New York based fashion brand known internationally for its avant-garde and tailored designs. This label, with a penchant to push boundaries, aims to challenge traditional instances of menswear by experimenting with sizing and proportions. Its tailored pieces are finely crafted to demonstrate the brand's ability to provide fresh statements through reinterpretation of classic designs.

Birth of Thom Browne

Garnering his inspiration from his upbringing in Allentown, Pennsylvania and his time working in New York City, Thom Browne launched his namesake brand in 2001, branching out from his initial focus on tailoring to a full range of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories. His work evolves from a lineage of artistry and precision in tailoring, which is clearly embodied by his signature suits, unique to the fashion sphere in their cropping technique.

Exploring Thom Browne Universe

Thom Browne's evolving collections involve the consistent usage of traditional materials such as tweed and wool, embodying refinement and classic aesthetics carefully pieced together to realize the designer's distinctive vision. Concepts of peculiarity, architectural savviness, and interesting proportions sit at the heart of the brand. More than crashes of style and clashes of colour, each collection strives to narrate a story, providing depth and catching the viewer's interest beyond the surface.

Signature Features of Thom Browne

Known for its detailing, the Thom Browne aesthetic is recognizable by its shorter trouser length, usage of tabbed blazers and innovative hardware details. The label essentially champions a modern interpretation of a uniform dressing which could be likened to a new wave of sartorialism. Characterised by its distinctive tricolour stripe branding, the Thom Browne label has redesigned fashion norms around formality and casual chic.

The Power of Accolades

An accolade-winning designer, Browne's innovative vision has earned the brand a place in the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Renowned worldwide for its conceptual runway shows, Thom Browne is also majorly received in the commercial fashion sphere with its collections found in prestigious fashion boutiques around the globe.

Thom Browne on Miinto

The line of Thom Browne items available on Miinto encompasses beautifully-crafted portfolios of apparel, accessories and footwear. The brand’s creative silhouettes, high quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship add a refined and intriguing touch to any wardrobe. Avant-garde designs mixed with a sense of tradition make Thom Browne pieces timeless investments. From the heart of New York City to the global fashion stage, Thom Browne continues to redefine the way we perceive fashion and style. Modern and traditional, avant-garde and tailored, the brand holds style and eccentricity in perfect harmony, marking its space as a fashion force that is truly here to stay.

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Thom Browne

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