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Unveiling a distinctive sophisticated expression of minimalism, Ten C is a progressive, timeless fashion brand that prides itself on delivering quality and durability. The brand churns out product lines that tap into deeper aspects of aesthetics and culture, transcending from mere fashion into a form of artistic self-expression.

Uncover The True Ten C

Known for its deliberately understated design, Ten C embodies the aesthetic philosophy of "less is more." Each piece is meticulously crafted to resonate with a timeless essence. Ten C offers a diverse portfolio of outerwear, where design, function, and high quality craftsmanship collide to create undeniably attractive attire that can weather any storm without compromising style. As opposed to relentless trends, this brand upholds steady-performing favorites that have stood the test of time.

Embarking on A Ten C Journey

Born out of the shared passion of designers Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti to challenge the transience of fashion, Ten C was not conceived overnight. Rooted in the desire to create something durable, lasting and not easily substituted or replaced, the brand knocks the doors of individuality and versatility. A significant emblem of the brand's guiding principle is the letter 'C' in its name, which stands for 'The Emperors New Clothes,' signifying the unchangeable nature of truly fantastic design.

Undeniably Bold, Incredibly Ten C

Bold in nature, yet restrained in design, Ten C pieces are designed to challenge the way we view fashion. With garments selected for their ability to survive beyond seasonal trends, the brand extends its commitment to cater to a clientele that prioritises quality over quantity. This serves as a testament to Ten C's quiet resilience in a fashion sphere characterized by fast fashion churn.

Pave Your Fashion Path With Ten C on Miinto

Discover an impressive selection of Ten C's top-quality, stylish range of garments available on Miinto. Explore a wide envelope of jackets, parkas, coats, and more, each designed to witness the journey of time. Miinto plays host to a variety of Ten C’s understated yet premium fashion pieces, providing an online platform for consumers to access outstanding quality coupled with ultimate convenience.

Key Strides in Ten C Fashion

At its heart, Ten C is guided by the belief that quality surpasses all. Each piece is shaped with a devotion to detail and a reluctance to cut corners, resulting in garments of superior durability and timeless beauty. Functioning as a canvas for individual expression, products by Ten C provide room for Varied interpretations of personal style. Polyester allure and nylon styles, in a colour range from subdued blues to vibrant burgundy, lend an unavoidable allure to this brand. Burrowing essence from vintage workwear, military uniforms and sportswear, Ten C designs uplift the personality of your ensemble, presenting a subtle yet noticeable statement of taste. Every effort is poured into ensuring Ten C items are born to serve and created to last. Prioritising authenticity, each piece serves as an aesthetic monument that withstands the test of time, resulting in a brand that maintains importance beyond transient trends or fleeting fashions. Since its inception, Ten C has launched a firm challenge against fast, frivolous fashion. The resilient, vibrant world of Ten C unfolds to reveal a realm where design rules all – a universe that cherishes the beauty of durability and the guarantee of quality beyond compare.

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Ten C

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