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Self Portrait is a contemporary fashion brand that gives a modern edge to traditional styles. Known for its unique techniques and stunning designs, the line brings a certain level of exclusivity and artistry to everyday fashion. Combining different materials and textures, Self Portrait stays true to its name by crafting pieces that articulate a form of personal expression.

A Portrait of Origin

Born from the creative mind of Han Chong, the brand has quickly positioned itself as a go-to for celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. Chong, a graduate of the renowned Central Saint Martins, channels his expertise and insights on modern fashion into every garment. The brand was conceived as a means of providing women with designer-quality clothing that defies the passivity of mass-produced fashion.

Self Portrait: A Uniquely Crafted Identity

What truly sets Self Portrait apart from other brands is its redefinition of modern aesthetics. Chong is known for experimenting with a fusion of classically feminine designs and modern interpretations. The intricate lace work, detailed ruffles, and strategic cutouts the brand is renowned for bring forth a depth and personality that is visibly distinctive of Self Portrait.

Modern Techniques, True Craftsmanship

While other brands may prioritize trends, Self Portrait places a significant emphasis on the process of creation. Every piece is articulately designed and crafted, from the initial concept to the final execution. Chong integrates various textiles and prints with unprecedented techniques to create fashion pieces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also bear an artistic refinement.

Own a Self Portrait through Miinto

Adding a touch of sophistication and style to your wardrobe has never been easier. Through our online platform, Miinto offers a range of Self Portrait's clothing line. From lace midi dresses, embroidered maxi dresses to breezy resort styles, Miinto makes shopping for this high-end couture accessible and convenient.

The Art of Dressing with Self Portrait

Investing in a Self Portrait piece is not just a purchase, but an investment in a personal expression. Should you yearn for clothing that conveys a sense of individuality and refusal to be categorized, Self Portrait is the perfect narrative in the art that is fashion. Undeniably, Self Portrait allows you to stand confidently in garments that hold transcendent relevance, masterfully balancing the old with the new, the demure with the daring, the understated with the extravagant. Adorning a creation from this brand is less about following trends and more about crafting a personal aesthetic that mirrors the beauty, complexity and uniqueness that is you.

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Self Portrait

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