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Emerging from the dynamic panorama of the fashion industry, Palm Angels is the trademark epitome of streetwear style that reflects the extravagant and free spirit of Los Angeles. This eye-catching brand is known for its sublime compilation of Italian craftsmanship, and the laid-back aesthetic of L.A.'s skater culture which has been brought to life by the creative mind of Francesco Ragazzi.

The Dawn of Palm Angels

Francesco Ragazzi, a native of Portofino, had already carved up a successful career as the artistic director of Moncler before embarking on his own fashion brand, Palm Angels. His fascination with the skater culture of L.A curated a guiding path to his exquisite and renowned fashion creations. The brand caught international fame when it got featured in a photobook in 2014, which eventually brought forth its own collection the following year, marking an impressive entry into the fashion world.

The Spirit of Palm Angels

Palm Angels can be described as the poetic fusion of Italian sartorial excellence and the rebellious spirit of L.A.'s skater. The brand takes its inspiration from this unique and dynamic culture to produce a line that reflects this spirit in the form of high-quality apparel. Their iconic flame logo hoodie or upscale track pants has claimed fame among celebrities and trendsetters alike.

The Signature Charm of Palm Angels

Palm Angels is instantly recognizable. Its signature attractions range from oversized-hoodies, flaring track pants, graphic tees, to an impressive assortment of accessories. The brand's offerings paint a picture of nonchalance, freedom but are high in sartorial quotient. The use of high quality material with detailed attention to prints and patterns gives Palm Angels a coveted space in the heart of the streetwear aficionados.

Palm Angels- A Celebrity Favorite

Palm Angels is the go-to for many who like to stay atop trends, including the A-list celebrities, Which has been keenly adopted by stars to adorn their off-duty getups, thanks to the effortless, chic, and trendy vibe it delivers. The brand's striking piston ring also rules the realm of accessories by making a regular spotlight appearance in the hands of many big names.

Embrace Palm Angels on Miinto

The charm of Palm Angels can easily be discovered and procured on Miinto. With an impressive assortment of the brand's iconic pieces, Miinto allows you to delve into the exquisite world of Palm Angels. From the comfort of your quotidian clothing to the glamour of your standout pieces, Miinto offers you a chance to wear the brand's energetic and free aesthetic with its carefully selected Palm Angels portfolio. Edgy and cool with a touch of luxe aesthetics, Palm Angels continues to redefine streetwear with its comprehensive approach towards design and style. A remarkable fusion of L.A.'s skater style and Italian sartorial proficiencies, this brand stands as a beacon for the freedom-loving and avant-garde patron of fashion. Feel the verve and flaunt the exuberance with these exceptional creations from Palm Angels on Miinto.

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Palm Angels

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