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Emerging from a tiny corner of Italy, P448 found its footing in the world of fashion as a shoe brand that redefines the idea of ‘casual style’ and dares to be different. P448 has been defining fashion norms since its inception with one clear intention – stand-out sneakers that ooze youthful energy infusing Italian craftsmanship with modern design.

Unravelling the Fabric of P448's Past

P448 was born out of a shared vision of its founding partners, Marco Simone and Andrea Curtis. The name P448 originates from their shared love for music, with 'P' symbolising 'play' and '448' representing the frequency of the music note 'A', integral to the tuning of a piano. The founders envisage P448 to create a symphony of fashion and style in the world of sneakers where the harmony of quality and subtle and innovative design elements come together.

Stepping into the Fashion Narrative with P448

P448 is not just another brand, but an embodiment of a lifestyle. Every sneaker crafted by the brand tells a story, inviting you to be a part of a chic dance of luxury meeting casual-formal. The vibrant colour palettes of its designs, combined with an alternating mix of textures, is like a living embodiment of art meeting fashion “sole to soul”.

A Walk through P448’s Signatures

Each creation of P448 speaks of both quality and craftsmanship where comfort meets elegance. P448 takes pride in their creative process which focuses on continuous research, experimentation and innovation. With environmental rubber soles and quality leather, their signature style comes from playing around with laces, unique designs, and eclectic colour combinations creating fresh and daring aesthetics that stand-out.

Sneaker Affair – A love story by P448

There is something special about P448 sneakers that captures the heart of fashion enthusiasts. P448 ensures that every creation is not merely a piece of attire, but a style statement, an expression of one's soul. Choosing a P448 sneaker means becoming part of a unique fashion narrative that embraces individualism and tastefulness

Stride the Fashion Runway with P448 Exclusives on Miinto

With Miinto, you can get your favourite P448 sneakers delivered at your doorstep. Ensuring 100% Authenticity, Miinto offers a wide range of P448 collections, letting you experience the age-old Italian craftsmanship coupled with an innovative and modern design process which results in a shoe which is not only comfortable but a vibrant expression of your personality. Creating and reinventing style narratives, P448 has positioned itself as a true connoisseur of sneaker fashion. Choosing P448 implies diving into an ocean where art, music, and fashion come together to create a rhythm, a melody you can wear and express. It's an ingenious blend of exclusive style and exceptional comfort that comes in the form of a trendy sneaker, ready to take you on a journey that embraces uniqueness and fashionable ease, with the first stop at Miinto, your gateway to relishing P448's marvelous creations.

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