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Arriving straight from the Netherlands' surf scene, New Amsterdam Surf Association (NASA) is a fashion-forward brand that combines chic city style with surf-inspired designs. Highlighted by the Amsterdam ethos of creativity and individuality, this brand accentuates the modern surf spirit through their clothing selection.

Stitching Together NASA's Past

New Amsterdam Surf Association has its roots deeply planted in the dynamic surf culture of the Netherlands. Its founder, Paul Zeper, a highly ranked Dutch surfer, life-long fan of the sport, and fashion enthusiast, grew disenchanted with the direction mainstream surf brands were heading. Deciding he wanted to create something different and intention-led, he set up New Amsterdam Surf Association, where urban aesthetics and surf-wear intersect. purely based on his vision and passion.

Delving into the New Amsterdam Surf Association's Aesthetics

Aesthetically inspiring and innovatively unique, New Amsterdam Surf Association is where the surf-lifestyle fuses with the urbane. With designs that underline the seemingly contradictory notions of urban life and surf culture, NASA challenges the convention and redefines what surf-wear can be. NASA's collection showcases a refined selection of street and beach wear that’s often monochromatic, frequently minimalistic, favouring function and quality over flashiness.

New Amsterdam Surf Association: Uniquely Crafted

The clothing line from New Amsterdam Surf Association features a laid-back, no-frills design ethos with an evident emphasis on comfort. The finished pieces flaunt earthy tones and loose silhouettes, easily matched with a variety of styles. Functionality meets style as each clothing item ensures practicality without overlooking the aesthetic appeal - be it a day at the beach or an evening in the city, NASA keeps you looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

Celebrating Amsterdam Street and Surf Culture

While the surf aesthetics are prominent in the brand's designs, NASA also holds true to its Amsterdam roots, drawing influence from the local street culture and its unique snapshot of contemporary urban life. The brand encapsulates a duality few others can – crafting clothing that is as suited to catching waves as it is to traversing the canals and cobbled streets of Amsterdam.

Experience NASA's Fashion-Forward Style Online at Miinto

Miinto is proud to host pieces from this emerging and vibrant brand on our online platform. Simply browse through our catalog and treat yourself to versatile clothing items from New Amsterdam Surf Association. Offering an exclusive collection that expresses creativity and individuality, Miinto ensures that NASA's unique blend of surf-wear and streetwear is just a couple of clicks away.

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New Amsterdam Surf Association

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