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MISBHV is a fashion brand that lets you make a bold statement with your clothing. Founded in Poland, the brand has quickly risen to become a recognizable force within the international fashion industry. MISBHV keeps your wardrobe edgy and interesting, with pieces designed to capture attention and define trends rather than follow them. If you love to express yourself through unconventional apparel, MISBHV is a brand to watch.

Bringing Polish Design to the World Stage

MISBHV began as a personal project between Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski. What started as a fun way to bring their own unique fashion ideas to life quickly turned into a bigger operation as interest grew. The pair began selling customized vintage clothing under the MISBHV label in their local community. The fashion community was captivated by their raw and unique designs that came straight from the streets of Warsaw. Today, MISBHV has expanded and grown into a globally recognized brand, still offering unique and unconventional designs.

Unraveling the DNA of MISBHV

MISBHV stands out in a crowd. The brand fuses the punk aesthetic of the 80s with modern silhouette and deconstructionism to create highly stylized, standout clothing. Encompassing both men's and women's wear, their creations defy normative fashion paradigms, striking a balance between the chic and the rebellious. Patterns, typography and color play central roles in their collections, presenting alternative ways to wear everyday designs. There is no playing it safe with this brand - MISBHV is all about making a bold statement.

MISBHV's Iconic Moment

Perhaps one of the highlights of the brand's identity is their debut at New York Fashion Week. Presenting their collection, they made an unforgettable impression on the international fashion community. With unorthodox tailoring, innovative use of materials, and their signature unique perspective, MISBHV upended expectations and demonstrated that fashion is all about breaking the rules.

Revamp Your Wardrobe with MISBHV on Miinto

Ready to explore what MISBHV has to offer? Miinto is proud to provide a collection of pieces from this unconventional brand, offering stand-out pieces that range from oversized jackets, chic dresses, unique graphic tees, and more. Just add the items you love into your cart and proceed to checkout for quick and hassle-free shopping. Once order is confirmed, we'll sort out the delivery logistics from there, ensuring you get your piece of the MISBHV label as soon as possible. MISBHV represents the raw, rebellious side of fashion. They breathe a new life to your wardrobe with their transformative pieces, calling the fashion-forward to express themselves outside the usual fashion conventions. This brand is more than just style - it's an experience, a journey, and a tribute to all who dare to walk their own fashion path. With MISBHV, your look will undoubtedly be a conversation starter.

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