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Emergence of Masscob - Spanish Splendor

Masscob entered the fashion scene in 2003, led by the creative energy of Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobián. This entrepreneurial pair shares not only their professional lives but also their personal experiences, translating their tandem growth and maturity into Masscob's evolution. Settled in La Coruña, a small coastal town in northern Spain, Marga and Jacobo have delicately crafted the brand’s essence, blending elements from Spanish fashion history and modern design concepts.

Dive into Masscob

The brand's soul is an intricate mix of romanticism, anachronistic elegance and poetic sensibility. The signature style of Masscob speaks to the sophistication of an individual who cherishes unique fashion pieces. Enriched with an array of intricate details from its delicate lace to velvety fabrics, every collection speaks of a devotion to craftsmanship, timeless elegance and classic feminine aesthetics.

The Distinctive Charm

Masscob distinguishes itself with a thoughtful blend of traditional Spanish design and modern fashion sensibilities. The brand is not about dictating trends, but rather expressing individualism through classic yet unconventional design perspectives. At its heart, Masscob focuses on honoring the femininity of each wearer, delivering a trend-resistant and timeless approach to contemporary fashion.

Artful Narratives of Design

Masscob treats each piece as a narrative, an artful exploration of design that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It allows an emotional connection to the diverse fabric textures, colors, prints and shapes that define its collections. Bathed in the aura of romantic glamour, each season showcases an array of vintage charm combined with modern designs, enchanting the fashion world with its distinctive charm.

Collect Elegance with Masscob on Miinto

Embodying casual elegance, Masscob brings the best of Spanish fashion to the global online marketplace of Miinto. The range includes everything from classic tailoring to flowing silhouettes and from muted tones to bold geometric prints. Offering a wide and diverse range of products, Miinto ensures that you can appreciate and acquire the brand's sophisticated design philosophies from anywhere in the world.

Defining the Identity of Masscob

With keen attention to detail and unwavering devotion to quality, Masscob's designs are a class apart. Each piece is a testament to audacious femininity, an unconventional take on modernity and the uncompromised craftsmanship of Spanish design ethics. Masscob not only creates garments, but offers emblematic style-propositions that stand beyond trends and time encouraging the wearer to embrace their unique fashion narrative.

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