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Mackage is a standout brand that has established itself as a must-have designer in the realm of winter fashion. Its high-end coats and accessories have made it a household name in the world of style and luxury, and a visit to the Miinto marketplace showcases this brand's appeal in colorful detail.

Stitched Together: The Mackage Origin Story

Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan started Mackage with a vision of merging sleek and chic designs with the unforgiving requirements of winter gear, essentially transforming functional wear into mesmerizing designs that turn heads. The brand positioned itself as a leader in outerwear, with designs that indeed presented a "fashionable package" - an important characteristic of the brand's name origin. The duo sought to design items that felt luxurious, stylish, yet also retained practical use in cold climates.

Mackaged: A Closer Look at the Brand

Mackage is renowned for its innovation in winter outerwear. It steps away from the heavy, bulky designs typical of winter jackets and gives a nod to high fashion. Mackage combines practical details like high-quality goose down, fur trims, leather detailing, and tightly woven fabrics with fashion-forward cuttings and silhouettes to save fashion enthusiasts having to compromise between style and warmth. The design range includes both sporty and glamorous styles, adding versatility to your wardrobe.

Fur, Feathers, and Everything In Between: The Mackage Offerings

Perhaps what is most iconic about Mackage's collection is its array of chic, tailored down coats, and parkas. The sources of inspiration are vast, and they infuse elements of glamour from the past in their acknowledging of the ongoing trend: puffer jackets. In addition to this, Mackage offers beautiful rainwear, exquisite leather jackets, and fashionable handbags - a collection for all seasons.

Serving the Best Mackage on Miinto

Miinto's curated selection of Mackage products gives a snapshot of the brand's glorious journey in design and tailoring. From embellished down coats that shine with luxurious vibes to the sleek leather jackets that add a rock-star touch to the wardrobe, our customers can indulge themselves in every aspect of this hard-to-miss brand. With each distinctive piece telling a unique fashion tale, customers can embark on their fashion journey with Mackage at their side on Miinto.

Wrapped Up in Style: The Mackage Touch

Mackage's devotion to high-end fabrics, well-crafted designs, and a hint of rebelliousness has made it a symbol of luxury and trendsetting style in winter fashion. Their mantra to design every piece as a nod to haute couture results in products that heat you up in biting low temperatures without adding bulk, embodying a perfect blend of function, elegance, and a sprinkle of avant-garde. Feel the extravagant topping of fur trims, the sleek silhouette encapsulating warmth within and the exquisite feel of premium leather on your fingertips. This perfect blend of functional wear morphing into high fashion is why we love having Mackage in our diversified portfolio of brands on Miinto.

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