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A well-loved name in the international fashion scene, IRO is a brand that exudes modernity, sophistication, and a dash of rebellious spirit. The essence of the label is a mixture of casual and luxe, embodying the attitude of Parisian chic with quintessential New York flair, projecting a global allure recognised in the fashion capitals worldwide.

An Odyssey through IRO's Past

Founded by brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton, IRO was a result of their collective dreams and experiences. The Bitton brothers captained their brand with a deep understanding of the music and fashion world, morphing their rock-and-roll upbringing into a fashion line. This musical influence can be seen in their themed clothing lines, denim collections and accessories, which imbibe the essence of a rock chic aesthetic.

Decoding the Charm of IRO

IRO became a name synonymous with edgy design and refined aesthetics pretty swiftly. Reinvigorating city street-wear with feminine aspects, the brand boasts of collections filled with innovative styles. You can find a gamut of designs, including fringed skirts, printed dresses, suit jackets, and sleek boots in every IRO collection. Each piece reflects an international vision that combines American, Japanese and French styles.

Unique Ethos of IRO

Each IRO garment speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to quality and uniqueness. Known for their selective use of fabrics and textures, IRO has a distinct appeal. Their fabrics whisper an exciting tale of global sourcing and meticulous selection, while their intriguing cutting-edge designs marry this raw material with style. Within this versatility, the brand retains its dedication to a specific silhouette – streamlined, geometric and modern.

Unexplored Enclaves of IRO

Whilst IRO is renowned for its clothing lines and denim collections, its focus on accessories also warrants attention. Their shoe collections range from leather boots to strappy sandals, whilst their bag line echoes an understated sophistication. The strength of their accessory offering further affirms the brand's commitment to the holistic fashion experience.

Experience IRO on Miinto

At Miinto, we have made shopping for IRO convenient and fun. You can now bask in the enchanting universe of IRO, immersing yourself in their modern, chic and edgy collections. You can browse through their wide range of clothing, from blouses to skirts, jackets to dresses, including their signature denim collections. Furthermore, you can also shop for IRO's accessories, whether you're looking for the perfect pair of shoes or a bag to complete your outfit. The essence of IRO lies not just in their design and collections, but also in the spirit they evoke. It's about standing out in the crowd, reflecting an unapologetic individual style and embracing chic design with edge. Enjoy the brilliance and distinct style of IRO in their fashion-forward collections available at Miinto.

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