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Geox is a globally recognized Italian shoe and clothing brand that prides itself in its patented technology to keep one’s feet dry at all times. Getting its name from 'Geo' (earth), which is its environment, and 'X' meaning technology, Geox is all about innovation, comfort, and style - all in one.

The Origin Story of Geox

Borne out of a seemingly small everyday discomfort, the brand Geox came to life through the idea of its founder, Mario Moretti Polegato. During a trip to Reno, Nevada, he felt an undeniable discomfort due to his hot, sweaty feet. Using a Swiss army knife, he made holes on the soles, thus, giving birth to the concept of the “breathable shoe”. Mario’s patent of the technology in 1995 marked the year when Geox, the shoe that breathes, was born.

Discover Geox - The Breathable Technology Revolution

Geox is not just any ordinary shoe brand. It’s a revolutionary product that transformed the footwear industry with its unique breathable technology. The company’s patented membrane ensures maximum breathability, providing the ultimate comfort for the wearer. Despite its high-tech nature, Geox styles never compromise on style and elegance. They always incorporate the latest fashion trends from the runways of Milan, making them a must-have in every wardrobe.

Footwear Innovation at Its Best

Behind the sleek and stylish design of every Geox pair lies stringent research, innovation and a dedication to ensuring maximum comfort. Each shoe features a breathable membrane, exclusively designed by Geox, allowing natural temperature regulation, leaving your feet dry throughout the day. Their line of breathable jackets also utilizes this innovation, coupled with stylish designs that leave you comfortable and trendy.

Exploring Geox's Children Footwear Collection

Geox also offers a selection of children’s footwear, designed to take care of little feet while ensuring they are trendy and fun-looking. Each pair incorporates the durability, comfort and breathability that Geox is globally known for, making them perfect for running, jumping and playing around.

Shopping Geox on Miinto

Exploring Geox’s collection on Miinto is a pleasant shopping journey. Shoppers can easily find a broad range of shoes and clothes suitable for every member of the family. Going through the listings, one can simply pick a design that matches your style and explore every feature and detail at the tip of your fingers. Miinto provides a broad collection of the brand's options, making the platform a one-stop destination for every Geox aficionado. In a world that seems to forget the harsh experience of having sweaty feet, Geox continues its relentless pursuit of combining comfort and style. Its innovative footwear technology, firm dedication to quality, and stylish Italian designs are proof that it indeed stands its ground in the footwear industry. The Geox brand is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle choice that places comfort and style in perfect harmony. When you wear a Geox, you showcase innovation, style, and the joy of absolute comfort. Miinto magnifies this experience by making Geox’s range of items easily within reach, providing a user-friendly platform that showcases factual features and details about every item at hand.

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