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Known for its intricate elegance and eye-catching usage of bright gems, the fashion brand GEDEBE is like a breath of fresh air in the world of accessories. This Italian brand, witnessing a large international following, has essentially transformed handbags into masterpieces adored by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Chronicles of a Jewelled Dream

Founded by the talented Giuseppe Della Badia, GEDEBE was born out of a deep love for luxury accessories. Giuseppe, a law graduate, felt a compelling pull towards fashion that made him leave his chosen career to pursue his passion. He intervened in the fashion world and started working with some internationally acclaimed couture brands. There, he meticulously learned the artistry and craftsmanship, ultimately leading to GEDEBE's innovation.

Exploring the Gems of GEDEBE

Diving into the world of GEDEBE is like stepping into a delightful treasure chest. Each piece from the brand's collection is a testament to detail-oriented craftsmanship and extravagant elegance. Embellished clutches, jewel encrusted sandals, and stunning belts form the core collection. The brand's distinctive feature is its iridescent crystal embroideries, setting them apart from other brands.

Unraveling the Italian Mastery

The essence of GEDEBE lies in its Italian roots, reflecting volumes about the impeccable quality and high-fashion sensibility that Italy is renowned for. The brand's valuables are handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans who meticulously place each gem on the products, thus ensuring a truly exclusive piece. Coupled with the use of sumptuous materials and extravagant embellishments, the brand stands as a real testament to Italian craftsmanship.

Indulge in the Exclusiveness of GEDEBE on Miinto

On Miinto, we proudly host a selection of handpicked pieces from GEDEBE to satisfy your desire for luxury and shine. Each item gloriously captures the brand's essence of allure and craftsmanship. Whether it's a statement clutch for an evening soiree or a chic belt to uplift your daywear, Miinto has options aplenty to satiate your cravings for a piece of Italian elegance.

The Magic of Gold and Jewels - GEDEBE

GEDEBE is not just about luxury - it's about embracing and celebrating the individuality with its dazzling accessories that do not adhere to trends but set trends. Picked by several fashion-forward personalities globally, GEDEBE stands as an insignia of style, opulence, and distinguished craftsmanship. Each product is a fashion statement in itself, resolute to transform any wardrobe with a touch of Italian glamour.

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