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Exalted in the world of luxury fashion, Frame is a brand that harmoniously fuses the aesthetics of London and Los Angeles. Bringing a breath of fresh innovation and undeniable class to the fashion spectrum, Frame is highly acclaimed for its fashion-forward clothing that promises quality, style and comfort.

Tracing Back Frame's Footsteps

Founded by Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, Frame branched out from their creative media group, Saturday Group, and since its inception, has been a hub of chic versatility. The brand came to fruition from their mutual inclination towards denim and ambition to create the perfect pair of jeans. Infused with a distinctive European touch, the brand's journey started with a singular Jeans-centered idea and has magnificently flourished into a full-fledged fashion consortium, it is looked upon by discerning shoppers worldwide.

Unraveling the Charm of Frame

Known for its elegant balance of style with substance, Frame is a brand that caters to those who have an uncompromising taste for high fashion. Celebrated as the denim aristocracy, the brand offers an array of perfect-fitted luxurious jeans that have left a significant imprint in the world of denim. Frame extends into a broad array of clothing, offering a perfect blend of luxury and wearable art, which transcends trends whilst maintaining a timeless charm.

Defining Attributes of Frame

The brand prides itself on providing adaptable and versatile pieces that endure the test of time. A perfect blend of fashion finesse and utility, the aesthetic of Frame is heavily influenced by the brand's belief of “dressing chic wherever a busy life might take you.” Their clothing lines are sophisticated, yet have that understated allure. The brand effortlessly encapsulates comfort, style and luxury all within one piece of clothing.

The Aesthetics of Frame's Clothing Lines

Frame consistently introduces fresh and extraordinary designs, boasting of an unparalleled silhouette and plush fabrics. Unafraid to experiment, their bold and edgy collection is a dramatic take on versatile and timeless clothing. From distressed jeans to structured blazers, Frame’s designs are inspired by the need for functionality offset by a cool, casual and chic demeanor.

Pick Your Frame Favorite at Miinto

Discover a comprehensive collection of Frame items on Miinto, from their coveted jeans to chic tops and beyond. Navigating the platform, you can refine your choices according to the requirement — color, size, style, and more. With multiple payment options available, shopping is a breeze at Miinto. Dedicated to the modern woman with a penchant for subtlety and class, Frame has emerged as a destination for those seeking clothing combinations that are in tune with the global fashion dynamics. By appealing to the style-conscious masses with their composition of comfort, style, and luxury, Frame stays true to its mission of furnishing a transformative wardrobe inventory. Through its exceptional quality, remarkable designs, and modern aesthetics, Frame continues to set new standards in the realm of high fashion.

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