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Uncovering the Story of Eytys

From embodiment of urban culture to pioneering designs in footwear, discover the journey of Eytys, a fashion brand renown for its distinctive style and fresh edge. Eytys is a Stockholm-based brand, specializing in stylish unisex shoes. It astonishes fashion enthusiasts across the globe with its unique blend of sartorial craftsmanship and innovative techniques.

The Artistry Behind Eytys

Founders Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld conceived the idea of creating a brand that would fill a gap in the footwear market - prioritizing design, quality, and comfort. Following their Scandinavian design ethos, they focus on creating pieces with minimalist aesthetics, ensuring comfort while maintaining an alluring design.

Exploring the Eytys Collections

Footwear lies at the heart of the Eytys portfolio. The brand offers a diverse range including low-top sneakers, high-top bandana trainers, chunky platforms, and marble print sneakers. All pieces exhibit an urban trailblazer touch. Eytys doesn't stop at footwear but extends its expertise to ready-to-wear clothing and accessories characterized by a concrete aesthetic and functionality.

Signature Hallmarks of Eytys

The Eytys distinctive feature lies in creating unisex pieces boasting equal appeal to both genders. A discernible characteristic of Eytys footwear is the pronounced platform sole, ensuring charm and comfortability. They uphold a mix of high-quality materials with playful details like corks and bright stitching, adding character to each piece.

Delving Deeper into Eytys Appeal

One cannot help but be captivated by the brand's steadfast commitment to delivering items that remain undimmed despite the passage of time. Eytys boasts a 'slow fashion' principle, focusing on timelessness rather than ephemeral trends. Their collections espouse a vision of lingering fashion appeal alongside a prominent confidence in self-expression.

Your Eytys Favorites at Miinto

For fashion enthusiasts looking to explore or expand their collection with Eytys offerings, Miinto provides an extensive range. Discover their iconic low-top sneakers or delve into their trendsetting bandana high-tops. The selection at Miinto provides a treasure trove of unisex items that embody contemporary style alongside remarkable comfort. Much more than a fashion brand, Eytys is an intersection of artistry and innovation. At the confluence of modernity and diversity, the collections provide a powerful tool of self-expression. Filled with pieces that combine style with comfort, Eytys cuts through the noise of the fashion world to enhance personal styles with enduring elegance. Through integrity and quality, Eytys cultivates a sense of distinctiveness and individualism. Driven by a commitment to crafting timeless pieces, the brand allows you to stride with confidence, fostering a unique identity that everyone can wear with pride. Enhance your fashion journey with the robust offerings of Eytys, now available on Miinto.

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