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Drumohr is a unique fusion of historical tradition, premium quality materials, and contemporary style. The brand is considered a symbol of timeless refinement in the fashion industry.

A Heritage of Excellence

Founded in Scotland, Drumohr found a new home in Italy, where the brand embraced the craftsmanship traditions of its adoptive homeland. The brand's storied lineage is reflected in the superior quality and intricate attention to detail evident in every piece. An affinity for perfectly tailored articles and a commitment to maintain its rich heritage make Drumohr a highly sought-after brand among fashion aficionados.

An Encounter with Elegance

Drumohr's reputation is built on its timeless collections of knitwear. Made from the finest cashmere, cotton, and other luxury fabrics, the brand's garments are the epitome of sumptuous style and sophisticated design. Both their menswear and womenswear offer a mix of tradition and innovation, designed to ensure that every wearer feels the uniqueness and exclusivity of Drumohr styling.

The Unmistakable Drumohr Style

What sets Drumohr apart is their distinctive approach to designing knitwear. They craft knitwear that is both comfortable to wear and a mark of true elegance. Sticking to a soft palette of colours and a variety of sophisticated styles, Drumohr makes sure that their garments are always graceful and charming.

A Journey Beyond Garments

More than its invincible quality and irresistible designs, what’s truly commendable about Drumohr is its commitment towards enriching our lifestyle. The brand is not just about clothing; it promotes a culture of timelessness, endorsing slow fashion, sustainability, and the lasting value of beautifully crafted garments.

Embrace the Drumohr Aesthetic with Miinto

You can make Drumohr's timeless aesthetic your own with ease, thanks to Miinto's extensive range of Drumohr pieces. Our collection includes tables of choices from chic sweaters, atypical denim, to elegant accessories. All these and more await you on our platform, ready to redefine your wardrobe with Drumohr's distinguished charm. In all, Drumohr represents meaningful luxury. That is why shopping at Drumohr isn’t just about buying clothes. It's about cherishing the fine things in life while maintaining a connection to the elegance of the past. Drumohr is, indeed, far more than your average clothing brand; it is a legacy of unrivalled sophistication.

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