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Characterized for it's sleek and modern design, Costume National is a fashion brand that has etched its name in the realm of luxury apparel. It has been favoured by fashion-forward individuals across the globe for its unique ability to blend the aesthetics of classic Italian craftsmanship with the edginess of contemporary design language.

Tracing Back to its Roots

The narrative of Costume National is woven in the artistic alley of Milan, Italy. It was conceived by brothers Ennio and Carlo Capasa, who arrived from their Apulian hometown with high hopes and a clear vision. Ennio, a prospective fashion graduate, and Carlo, a financial wiz, were the perfect duo to create a brand that is now synonymous with chic elegance and avant-garde design. They introduced their first women's ready-to-wear collection in 1986. The label made its male counterparts line debut in the winter of 1993 with the same ethos of design that the brand is celebrated for - the bold blending of timeless Italian design aesthetics with minimalist and modish dimensions.

Immerse yourself in the World of Costume National

Costume National is adored for its exquisite craftsmanship and streamlined silhouettes. It stands on the foundation of minimalist, almost architectural design that is demonstrated in their collections. The brand has created a unique language in the world of fashion where it boldly harmonizes cultural influences, giving rise to collections rich with geometric lines and figure-flattering cuts. Despite the brand's affiliation with modern design principles, it has never strayed from its roots of traditional tailoring and quality Italian craftsmanship.

Signature Characteristics of Costume National

Costume National stands out for its distinct approach to fashion, which can be described as the confluence of classic aesthetics and the contemporaneity. The brand characteristically leans towards neutral and earthy tones dominated pallets, with the excitement of bold colour offerings making appearances in their seasonal collections. Costume National's designs often feature clean lines and structured forms that closely follow the body lines, offering wearers the luxury combination of comfort and style. The essence of the brand is exemplified in their avant-garde tailoring, slim lined suits, leather jackets, and their statement footwear line that complements the apparel.

Costume National: Beyond Apparel

Beyond apparel, Costume National has also ventured into the world of fragrances and skincare. Their scent collections echo the brand's ethos of merging the old with the new, resulting in mesmerizing concoctions that unravel along with wearers throughout the day. Their skincare line is the ensemble of holistic and minimalistic beauty principles offering products created from natural ingredients for comprehensive skincare.

Procuring Costume National on Miinto

Immerse yourself in the world of Costume National smoothly with Miinto. With an extensive assortment of Costume National products, your perfect ensemble or your next olfactory obsession from the label is only a few clicks away on Miinto. Here, you can explore the brand's latest collections, discover their classic pieces, and assemble an outfit that speaks volumes about your style.

Choosing Costume National is not merely aligning with a fashion brand, it's aligning with a philosophy - a philosophy that embraces the harmony of contrasts, the merging of cultures, and the beauty of minimalist design, all the while being rebelling against the norms and taking bold strides forward in the global fashion landscape with your rhythm.

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Costume National

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