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The Splendour of Naples: Chantecler

Nestled in the lively and convivial islands of Capri in Italy, Chantecler originates as the vision of two highly inspired creatives. These designers combined their love for glorious Capri surroundings, transforming their vision into the exquisite fashion brand we now know as Chantecler.

Journey Through Enchanting Capri

Founded by Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea, Chantecler radiates sophistication and elegance while maintaining genuine Neapolitan roots. The Treccani Italian Dictionary describes Chantecler as 'the most important traditional jewellery brand in Italy.' The vision of Capuano and Aprea was simple but grand - create jewellery inspired by the fascinating island, capturing its essence in precious mementoes for those who had visited and fallen in love with Capri. The brand, mighty for its authenticity, was also known to have invented the famous 'Pendants Buttons' parure, a model that has become a legend in international jewellery.

Experiencing Chantecler

Chantecler is not merely an accessible luxury brand and a testament to refined Italian craftsmanship but a poetic ode to elegant, eye-catching design. With its exquisite jewellery collections, adorned with high-quality diamonds and colourful precious stones, each piece from Chantecler tells a unique story. This brand is for true admirers of luxury, seeking to marry classic elegance with modern innovation. Each exceptionally crafted piece from Chantecler offers glimpses of the Mediterranean's ethereal beauty, reflected in the finely chiselled designs.

The Substance of Chantecler

Chantecler pieces are known for their charismatic appeal and diverse range to suit various styles and occasions. From sparkling pendant necklaces to intricate diamond studded bracelets, the brand's diverse offerings embody ultimate opulence. Chantecler's trademark chic necklaces, elegant rings, and dashing cufflinks also demonstrate their commitment to versatility and adaptability.

Chantecler: An Emblem of Celebration

Cocò Series, designed in the 1980s, is one of Chantecler's most iconic collections, celebrated for representing the ideas of kindness and lightheartedness in golden chicks called 'Cocò.' These playful symbols were later transformed into an object of luxury, creating a pendant that is now among Chantecler’s most coveted and identifiable pieces.

Immerse in Extravagance with Chantecler on Miinto

Discover a whole new realm of luxury shopping experience with Chantecler at Miinto. As Chantecler's official online partners, we at Miinto ensure you enjoy an effortless and rewarding shopping experience while you explore and shop your favorite pieces from this spectacular brand. Shop the latest Chantecler range at Miinto and flaunt your style index with ease and sophistication. Immerse in the rich tradition and culture of Capri with the timeless elegance of Chantecler. Indulge in choice and quality on Miinto and add a touch of Mediterranean sun to your style. Time to start your glamorous journey with Chantecler and Miinto today!

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