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Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada in the 1960s, the Canada Goose brand has grown to become synonymous with luxury, quality, and natural elegance over the years. The iconic logo of the brand not only represents the core identity of Canada Goose, it also provides a distinct symbol that denotes the brand's commitment to the highest standard of craftsmanship, quality, and style.

A Peak Into The Brand's Evolution

Combining practical functionality with stylish design, Canada Goose has been at the forefront of premium outdoor clothing for decades. The brand's commitment to innovation and quality has seen it evolve from its humble beginnings within the confines of a small warehouse, to becoming a globally recognized brand, appreciated for its meticulous attention to detail in design, quality of material and unrivaled performance in extreme weather conditions.

Embarking on The Canada Goose Adventure

Now a globally recognized brand, the Canada Goose collection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ jackets as well as its clothing line are seen as epitomes of luxury, quality, and intrinsic value that anyone can depend on, particularly in terms of functionality and durability. The brand continually evolves by incorporating quality materials combined with modern, contemporary designs to ensure that the style-conscious outdoor enthusiast is ever catered for.

Staying True to Their Identity

The signature jackets of Canada Goose are crafted with a bespoke blend of goose and duck down sourced from Canadian Hutterite farmers, making them superb for withstanding the harshest weather conditions. The brand stays true to its roots and takes pride in producing 100% of its clothing range in Canada, clearly understanding the benefit of maintaining close proximity to its resources and employees, thereby ensuring the overall quality of its vast product line.

Take a Stroll through Miinto's Canada Goose Collection

Welcome to Miinto's selection of the popular Canada Goose brand. From jackets, vests, parkas, to hats and gloves for men, women, and kids, you can always rely on the brand's quality, durability, and style. Whether you're exploring the arctic wildernesses or just taking a stroll downtown during the chilly winter months, we have a Canada Goose piece specifically designed and perfectly suited for you. Embrace the cold weather in style with these iconic garments from Canada Goose on Miinto. Microfibre tricot fabric used in the brand’s jackets also provides a reliable barrier against the wind and cold, while durable water-resistant finish helps to keep the cold and wet weather at bay. Less visible features such as fleece-lined handwarmer pockets provide hidden functionality and an added luxury touch. Canada Goose has successfully managed to translate extreme weather clothing into the language of urban style, securing its place as a beloved staple of both polar explorers and fashion-savvy city dwellers alike. It's as at home on the streets of major fashion capitals as it is in remote Northern communities. It truly is a household name that knows no boundaries.

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Canada Goose

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