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Oozing with Italian style and craftsmanship, there's none but Buttero that embodies Tuscan tradition in the world of fashion. Named after Tuscany’s cowboy equivalent, this family-run company takes inspiration from the rural heritage of its local environment, binding it with contemporary aesthetic and urban functionality. Each pair of Buttero represents a unique synthesis of tradition, research, and innovation.

The Journey of Buttero: From the Heart of Tuscany

Located in Tuscany, Buttero was established in a region renowned for its remarkable craftsmanship within tanning and leather processing. The brand epitomises rich local tradition of shoemaking, with the family maintaining an unwavering commitment to preserving the savviness and skill inherited from their ancestors. The Sani family, the founders, have successfully transformed their passion for leather goods into a thriving business, sustaining the craftsmanship culture in the contemporary world of fashion.

Experience Buttero: The Epitome of Italian Craftsmanship

Famed for their high-quality footwear collection, Buttero uses only the finest hides and materials season after season. The leathers, purchased from the best Italian suppliers, are carefully hand-selected. With classic styles that nod to their Tuscan heritage, while simultaneously incorporating modern trends, the brand consistently delivers beautiful shoes that are timeless and versatile.

Signature Styles: The Character of Buttero

Buttero craft unique designs for both men and women, with exceptional attention to detail and unmatchable standard of quality honed to perfection. From the iconic "Tanino" low-top and "Carrera" running sneakers, to classic boots paying a heartfelt tribute to Tuscany's cowboy culture, each Buttero piece offers distinctive aesthetics that set the brand apart. Crafted to imbue a sense of confident individuality in the wearer, their designs are designed to improve with age and wear, mirroring the timeless beauty of Tuscan

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