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Buffalo is no ordinary fashion brand. With it's unique style, it has carved its own niche in the world-wide fashion landscape. Its story, though relatively unexpected, is riveting, consisting of turning simple beginnings into a grand spectacle of footwear and fashion accessories.

Buffalo's March from the Past

Buffalo launched in the early 90s in the bustling city streets of Germany and within no time its distinct products caught everyone's attention. Originating as a footwear brand, Buffalo offered customers a refreshing mix of stylish and comfortable shoes like no other. The brand's biggest breakthrough, and what later became its signature style, was its simple yet distinctive silhouettes. Manifesting innovation at its best, Buffalo seamlessly bridged the gap between nonchalant everyday style and hip, modern fashion trends.

Unleashing the Magic of Buffalo

Buffalo is more than just a fashion brand - it's a style revolution. With an inimitable variety of shoes, sandals, sneakers and boots, it brings an array of styles for various occasions, seasons, and fashion preferences. It ventured into fashion accessories, offering an eclectic mix of bags, backpacks and belts, ensuring customers remain hooked with its avant-garde fashion trend.

Pinpoints of Buffalo Products

While best known for its outre footwear, the actual charm of Buffalo's products lies in its characteristics. The contrast between modern aesthetics and traditional German quality is remarkable in Buffalo's offerings. Known for its exceptional durability, every piece is designed to last. Each detail is meticulously considered, to provide an edgy style while maintaining comfort for the wearer. Buffalo's products are emblematic of a modern take on fashion that is desirably inclusive, catering to men and women alike with an edge in their style preferences.

Buffalo's Upbeat Style Definition

Buffalo truly embraces its tagline of ‘Born to be bold.' Publishing a strong stand in streetstyle aesthetics, the brand is definitive of a style that's always on the go! It's unapologuectically bold merchandise propels the dynamism of the wearer, offering an inspiring divergence from the conventional normcore fashion trend.

Buying Buffalo at Miinto

Miinto emphasizes on providing you an easy, effortless and enjoyable shopping experience. You can browse through our curated selection of Buffalo's products and manoeuvre freely, catering your style penchant. Our online platform provides a seamless shopping experience right from the comfort of your own home. Prompt delivery, fuss-free returns and exceptional customer service is what defines shopping at Miinto. To encapsulate, Buffalo manifests the spirit of the enduring style. It's a symbol of relentless determination and audacious style, setting new milestones in the world of fashion with every step. While respecting traditional shoe making artistry, the brand is unafraid to explore. It keeps pushing the envelope and transcends the ordinary, providing the customers with a high-octane fashion experience unlike any other.

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