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Luigi Borrelli, the founder of BORRELLI, started his brand based on the notion that shape alone is not sufficient to construct fine shirts. Instead, they require the signature details that he learned from Naples, ‘the home of Italian shirt-making.’ The brand carries forward Luigi’s legacy, producing shirts that are expertly tailored with the skilled hands of craftsmen.

The Genesis of BORRELLI

Italian craftsman Luigi Borrelli founded the brand, driven by the dedication and philosophy of his grandmother. He had a mission – to bring the superior quality of ancient Neapolitan tailors to the present world. Luigi was keen to produce garments that delivered the same level of quality and comfort as the apparel made in his grandmother’s workshop in Naples.

Unveiling the Craftsmanship of BORRELLI

The brand’s keen attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and top-notch quality set it apart from other brands. It takes 6 hours to craft a BORRELLI shirt, reflecting meticulous precision in every stitch. The brand's garments are not just clothing; they represent a lifestyle choice for those who understand the fine art of clothing.

Defining BORRELLI’s Individuality

BORRELLI shirts exemplify the proverb excessively the best. Having their origin in Naples, the shirts manufactured at the Luigi Borrelli's unit remain unscathed while adapting to current trends. They maintain their business ethos, incorporating the minute details of the handmade garment to cater to the modern fashion world. From collars, cuffs to the meticulous buttons sewn by hand, every detail is symbolic of Borrelli’s commitment to its originality.

Luxury Redefined by Luigi Borrelli’s Knitwears

The brand excels not only in crafting shirts but also delivers spectacularly handcrafted knitwear. Committed to impeccable quality, the brand’s sweaters and cardigans are carefully designed from luxury fabrics like cashmere. They are an epitome of timeless style, ideal for layering during colder months. Between texture and color, Luigi Borrelli's knitwear is about understated elegance and a passion for high fashion.

The Characteristic Quality BORRELLI Stands for

BORRELLI exemplifies the real essence of Italian sartorial tradition—handmade, limited, and precious. The brand prides itself in immaculate design, reflecting Borrelli's ability to mix modernity with a touching legacy of traditions. Be it shirts, pants, suits, ties, or accessories, the finest layer of fabric and craftsmanship go hand-in hand, as BORRELLI follows the artisanal path to craft iconic designs.

Your Shopping Experience with BORRELLI at Miinto

Shopping for BORRELLI clothing at Miinto allows you to explore exquisitely handcrafted garments that carry sophistication in each stitch. With an extensive selection across varied categories, you can find a piece that complements your personal style and taste. Experience the charm of Italian tailoring delivered to your doorstep with a click at Miinto. Without a doubt, purchasing Luigi Borrelli's garments is equivalent to investing in top-notch custom handmade apparel, which carries a perfect blend of quality and style. Its understated elegance and refinement encourage one to carry forward the tradition elegantly. For anyone who appreciates quality at the helm and takes fashion as an expression of creativity, BORRELLI stands out as the ultimate choice.

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