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Avant Toi is a leading fashion brand that offers a unique blend of luxury and art through its founder’s creative direction and innovative vision. Specializing in cashmere and unique garments, Avant Toi emphasizes the beauty of craftsmanship and the decadence of fashion’s finest materials.

Journey Through Time: Avant Toi's Grit to Glamour

When it comes to Avant Toi's history, it is filled with finesse and daring innovation. The Italian luxury fashion brand was envisioned by Mirko Ghignone, who dared to refresh cashmere, a classic fabric with a contemporary twist. Mirko, being a creative maverick, believed in infusing art with fashion, which led to the birth of Avant Toi, known for its remarkable blend of refined quality materials with eclectic and advanced dying techniques.

Artistic Mastery: Discover Avant Toi

Exploring Avant Toi is like taking a journey through an Art master's exhibit. Each piece tells a story, glows with an emotional resonance, making every item unique and uber exclusive. The brand’s keygeen emphasis on revolutionary production processes, meticulous attention to detail, and its dedication to sustainability sets it apart in the crowded world of fashion brands.

The Avant Toi Aura: Essential Characteristics

Avant Toi stands out with its signature style that effortlessly marries distressed aesthetics with high-end materials. Admired for their bold use of color and innovative approach to knits, the brand modifies the typical expectations of cashmere clothing and silk scarves, thereby captivating a semblance of refined rebelliousness. Named for their ‘avant-garde’ approach towards luxury knitwear, their pieces are anything but ordinary.

Savvy Styling: The Avant Toi Ensemble

Wardrobe styling with Avant Toi opens up endless realms of creative expression. From pairing one of the brand’s sultry silk sweaters with distressed jeans for a cool, cultivated look, or donning one of their uniquely patterned scarves to add a pop of color to your outfit, the brand allows its wearers to make definitive fashion statements while embodying an aura of effortless luxury.

Allure of Avant Toi: Purchase on Miinto

For those enchanted by the flair of Avant Toi and its dedication to blurring the lines between art and apparel, the Miinto online marketplace showcases an array of items from this fashion-forward brand. From luxurious knitwear to intricately patterned scarves, Miinto takes pleasure in providing access to Avant Toi’s item repertoire, enabling its clientele to invest in the brand’s timeless pieces. The craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, and luxurious aura of Avant Toi tells a tale of passion and art entwined with fashion. The brand elaborates a redesign of luxury, where materials like cashmere are not tied to the strings of convention but allowed to blossom through a reinterpretation of the norm. Avant Toi is a haven for clientele seeking solace in luxury, individualism, and artistic expression in their fashion and enables them to revisit their relationship with garments - a journey of sartorial significance.

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Avant Toi

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