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Aries is an iconic clothing brand that brings together the essence of countercultural style with a genuine urban flair. Inspired by subculture movements, from skateboarding to punk, the brand stands out with its aesthetics, bold colors, and intriguing designs.

A Historical Dive into Aries

While staying vague on specific dates and periods, Aries was born when two creative souls, Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, teamed up. They both shared a rich background in design and streetwear culture. With Sofia’s background of design and manufacturing paired with Fergus's aim to push the boundaries with their design sensibilities, Aries was born; a brand as mysterious as its name, always looking to surprise its dedicated followers with every collection released.

The World of Aries

Aries invites you into a world that straddles vintage themes mixed with a contemporary touch. The brand is unapologetic, rebellious, and symbolic, challenging the normative assumption of fashion with its intriguing and playful interpretations of clothes. In a space where streetwear meets luxury, Aries has carved out a niche for itself with its daring yet sophisticated pieces.

Unlocking Aries mystique

A quintessential characteristic of Aries clothes is their ability to push boundaries and challenge existing fashion norms. Aries delete the line of gender norms with garments that can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. So expect ‘genderless’ tees, sweatshirts, and jeans designed in non-traditional silhouettes and colours. Tunes of bold and unapologetic dyes, surreal motifs and quirky, subculture-inspired graphics are an important part of the Aries expression.

A Brief on Aries’ Collaboration

Aries has mastered the art of collaboration and leverages this to keep delivering ground-breaking styles. Its collaborations resulting in unique, artistic fashion pieces has caught worldwide attention. It stands out in creatively blending its brand ethos with those of its collaborators.

Your Aries Squad on Miinto

Now experience the thrill of Aries clothing on the Miinto online marketplace. You can add to the collection of your wardrobe with Aries clothing, be it a unisex tee with their symbol of a high-jumping ram or jeans in the brand’s characteristic non-traditional colors. You don't have to be ruled by the convention with Aries; you can set your own trend with its eye-smacking and plush collection on Miinto.

Once donned by the likes of Jonny Johansson, Aries offers a medley of irresistible subculture-inspired graphic pieces, trendy silhouettes, and artistic splashes of color. It defies uniformity and celebrates distinct self-expression, making it the choice of those who dare to stand out from the crowd. Whether you flex it by wearing it down the street or pairing it with other fabulous items available on Miinto, Aries brings its unique touch to your inherent fashion statement. The brand's quality wear is a testament to their design philosophy and production values. Inspire your wardrobe with the designs from Aries available on Miinto.

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