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Amiri is a fashion house encompassing a range of high-quality ready-to-wear essentials that express the meaning of true craftsmanship and detail. Created by Mike Amiri, the brand represents both the rugged edge of the LA glam rock scene and the sophistication of luxury fashion. Influenced by the cultures of music, art and the dynamic vibe of LA, Amiri reflects an enigmatic yet captivating style of fashion that attracts the spotlight.

Piercing the Veil of Time: Amiri’s Evolution

Mike Amiri, the artistic soul of the brand, which is today known as Amiri, meticulously crafted the roots of the brand in the basement of the infamous Roosevelt Hotel. An artist with no formal fashion education, Mike’s admirable insights and power of intuition led him to start the label Amiri. Evolving from adorning denim jackets and flannels with rock 'n' roll details to producing luxurious clothing line-ups, Amiri has always sought to celebrate authenticity and individualism in fashion.

Decoding the Charm of Amiri

Amiri embraces a unique blend of classic glam rock elements, injected with an urban approach. The brand experiments with wild patterns and prints, raw aesthetics of distressed denim, and the elegant sparkle of hand-embellished Swarovski crystals. The diversity in design embodied by Amiri encourages everyone to unveil their individualistic style.

Unfolding the Artistry of Amiri

Amiri has always positioned itself as a brand that persistently focuses on delivering the essence of craftsmanship and quality. Each garment is meticulously handcrafted in the brand's downtown-Los Angeles atelier, paying homage to the impeccable detailing that forms the cornerstone of each collection.

Amiri in the Spotlight: Celebrity Endorsements

Amiri continues its reign by attracting the attention of celebrities on the global panorama. A-list celebrities from the likes of Justin Bieber to LeBron James have been spotted donning this creative fashion line, not only bolstering Amiri’s status quo but also reinforcing its acceptance and desirability in today's fashion landscape.

Indulging in Amiri Luxury at Miinto

With the characteristically diverse range Amiri offers, shoppers at Miinto are certain to find a gem befitting their unique taste. Whether it is a tailored bomber jacket, a pair of distressed jeans, or embellished accessories, the eclectic spirit Amiri possesses reflects in every ensemble available for shoppers at Miinto. Indeed, Amiri offers fashion enthusiasts globally not just apparel and accessories but a statement of their individuality. Whether through its clothing line, celebrity following, or the powerful message it captures, Amiri has successfully created a universe of its own, unifying high quality, luxury, and a taint of rebellion. Choices are infinite, but when the aim is to showcase a powerful personality, Amiri is a brand that disrupts, concludes, and yet leaves room for more to be revealed. Embrace the spirit of freedom, express individuality, and embark on a style journey with Amiri in the exciting realm of Miinto.

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