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16Arlington is a timelessly elite fashion brand known for its unique design sensibilities that balance a mix of dramatic flair with an alluring attention to detail. Having etched a distinctive place in the global fashion industry, 16Arlington's appeal lies in its ability to infuse mundane moments with a touch of glamour and sophistication, making every occasion seem more special than the last.

The Birthplace of 16Arlington

The brand was born from the outstanding creative partnership between Marco Capaldo and Kikka Cavenati. Many describe the pairing as something of a happy accident, both being Italian designers who crossed paths in London whilst on their journey towards making a significant mark in the world of fashion. Both nurtured an immense passion for beauty, glamour, and fashion, with deep understanding of impeccable Italian craftsmanship, which in turn became the base for 16Arlington's signature style.

Navigating Through the 16Arlington Experience

16Arlington is synonymous with opulence. The brand presents a diverse array of collections that rotate around its chic, sophisticated, and glamorous aesthetic. From feather-adorned gowns to luxe-crepe tailored suits, every piece proposed by the brand tells a unique story. The brand has a proclivity for artistic spontaneity, each collection more avant-garde, vibrant and extravagantly bold than the last.

Distinctive Elements of 16Arlington

Immersed in luxe-glamour, the brand’s aesthetic boasts of bold colours, vibrant prints, decadent embellishments, incorporating sumptuous feathers and sequins, to create looks that are inherently glamorous yet wearable. Their designs occupy a niche of their own; they are edgy, yet innate; dramatic, yet succinct. With a staunch focus on luxury craftsmanship, 16Arlington has positioned itself as a fashion haven for women who love to stand out and are unapologetically glamorous.

The Glittering Celestial Gown

One of the most celebrated creations of 16Arlington's collection is their signature 'Celestial Gown.' Rendered in luxe-crepe fabric, this standout piece is embellished with hand-sewn detailing that twinkles almost as bright as the women fortunate enough to adorn it. The gown represents the brand's mantra of offering every woman an opportunity to illuminate her surroundings and make unforgettable visits to mundane moments of life.

Securing 16Arlington Pieces on Miinto

Lending a touch of glitz and glamour to all wardrobes, 16Arlington is a brand that’s destined to enthral the fashion-forward crowd on Miinto. The platform boasts an extensive collection of 16Arlington ensembles, from sophisticated mid-day brunch attires to captivating after-dark dresses. Shopping 16Arlington on Miinto always ensures an exquisite blend of luxury, style, and class. In essence, 16Arlington is a brand that renews the joy and vibrancy of dressing up and standing out. It has embraced glamour and continues to share its love for style with all its patrons. When wearing 16Arlington, one is not merely adorned in clothes, but in confidence, charisma, and most notably, in comfort. It delightfully transcends the boundaries of fashion and function, infusing every moment with a distinct touch of glamour, drama and stylised sophistication.

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