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10Days is an innovative and influential brand that has a place for everyone within its approach to fashion. The brand, hailing from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has made an indelible mark on the global fashion scene with a unique modern aesthetic that is characterized by flexibility, comfort, and tasteful style. 10Days is committed to spreading positivity, inspiration and happiness, breaking through the boundaries of traditional fashion paradigms with a holistic philosophy which is reflected in their clothing lines.

A Stroll Down 10Days' Memory Lane

Brand 10Days was born out of a drive for creating the extraordinary from simplicity. The founders, Barbara Hilbrink and Myon Veenendaal, were driven by a shared vision of crafting timeless fashion that remains relevant and vibrant through changing seasons and trends. The brand emerged as a fashionable rebellion, infusing comfort and freedom of expression in every clothing piece while consistently maintaining a top-notch quality standard.

Embark on the 10Days Journey

With 10Days, fashion followers can expect the unexpected. The brand's collections integrate elements of sport, home, and casual wear into amazing, coherent wholes, all of them defined by head-turning effect that their clothes have on the audience. They provide an elegant answer to leisure and comfort with their unique blend of influencer-tested design and laid-back, versatile style. You can easily mix and match their pieces to create your unique looks, demonstrating the brand's commitment to promote personal aesthetics and individualism.

The 10Days Distinctiveness

One of the leading attributes setting 10Days apart is its blend of timeless design with the intrinsic element of surprise. Instead of adhering to rigid seasonal collections, 10Days prefers to keep things exciting and fresh with the spontaneous introduction of 'chapters', continuous supply of versatile, interchangeable collections that can be worn throughout the year. Each chapter brings unexpected combinations, unisex styles and creative mixes of textures and materials, continuously broadening the brand aesthetic. From neutral colors with popping contrasts to typography-based designs, 10Days artwork is another distinct aspect of the brand. Any piece you pick from their collections is like an artwork that tells an honest and appealing story about embracing life's surprises.

Diving Deeper into the Brand's Aesthetics

10Days fully embraces a diverse clientele base. This belief is reflected in their inclusive clothing range that is designed to suit wearers of all ages, body types and lifestyles. The brand's unisex line, gender-neutral in design, reflects its deep-seated values of breaking conventional norms and promoting an effortless 'Style doesn’t have an age', expressing its mission to connect and unite people through fashion.

Explore 10Days on Miinto

10Days collections are available on Miinto, allowing fashion enthusiasts to access the brand's exceptional pieces conveniently. Miinto is dedicated to offering an array of pieces from the 10Days collection, providing customers the opportunity to delve into the world of organically modern and dazzling Dutch fashion. Each purchase introduces an element of 10Days’ unique elegance into your wardrobe, highlighting your personal aesthetics and pushing the boundaries of conventional norms.

In conclusion, 10Days represents a lifestyle, a way of embracing personal style and enjoying fashion without the constraints of enduring stereotypes. The brand offers a refreshing break from the traditional and the trending, appealing to free-spirited individuals who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. With core values of sustainability, creativity and connecting people, 10Days continues to provide an inspirational direction in global fashion market.

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