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Vic Matié embodies contemporary elegance, innovative design and quality craftsmanship, creating products that are sincerely made in Italy. Traditionally recognized for their diverse range of footwear, they manufacture boots, loafers, sandals, sneakers, high shoes and ballet flats, each articulating unique creativity and refinement.

Delving into Vic Matié's Roots

Vic Matié traces its origin back to its founder, Olga Frua, who imbued every creation with her distinctive style and spirit. Inspired by her fascination with dressmaking and materials, the brand was born from her vision of interpreting femininity in a contemporary way. Vic Matié was nurtured as an integral part of the Maurizio Altieri line of businesses, an established family business specializing in shoemaking. The brand, rooted deeply in the Italian cultural and artisanal traditions, has always emphasized craftsmanship, innovation and design.

Exploring the Uniqueness of Vic Matié

What really makes Vic Matié stand out from others is their exceptional blend of modernism with tradition and authentic Italian craftsmanship. Combining meticulous attention to detail with the innovative characteristics of the Italian shoemaking tradition, Vic Matié focus on tangible quality, aesthetics, comfort and functionality. They successfully navigate the line between modern and classic aesthetics, always rich in personality, never mundane or conventional.

Lauding the Iconic Design Aesthetic

The Vic Matié design stands for timeless versatility. They have developed their special hallmark of simultaneously being both chic and directional, with close attention to materials and production methods. Concatenating exclusive leather with alluring shapes, they manifest their inimitable style.

Securing your Vic Matié Delights from Miinto

For lovers of personality-filled clothing that goes beyond fleeting trends, Vic Matié is a perfect destination, and the goods are available on Miinto. The site offers a significant collection of Vic Matié products, each lovingly crafted and underscores the brand's commitment to innovative design, quality materials, and unparalleled artistry. Enjoy endless scrolling and shopping across various styles of footwear from Vic Matié at your convenience. To finish, Vic Matié represents a marriage of functionality and luxury, which is visible in every single one of their shoes. With their integral belief in the beauty and quality associated with artisanal methods, they have steadfastly repeated their motto - design, comfort and quality. And as the brand continues to flourish and evolve, they maintain their well-earned reputation as a fashion-forward brand that never compromises on quality or design.

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Vic Matié

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