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The Italian fashion brand The Attico stands for sophistication, rebellion, and unabashed luxe. Derived from the Italian word for penthouse, The Attico presents itself as a unique, bold and cosmopolitan brand, embodying the lustful hue of the metropolitan nightlife and the boundless splendor of an urban sanctuary. Today, it captivates the world with its eclectic, flamboyant yet classy designs that echo a transcendent confluence of tradition and avant-garde.

Retracing the Footsteps: The Birth of The Attico

The brainchild of two brilliant Italian trendsetters - Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, The Attico came into existence out of their shared affinity for eclectic styles, contemporary motifs, and a yearning to bring their unique fashion sensibility to the world. The brand is a manifestation of their own fashion-conscious closets, thereby delivering a unique and bold statement with every piece, making them staples among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

Curtain Unveiled: Discovering The Attico

The Attico holds a distinct character in the high-fashion landscape, attracting worldwide followers with its unique aesthetics. It embodies an amalgamation of outspoken prints, eccentric forms, and a daring blend of textures contouring the joyous spirit of fashion experimentation. Reinterpreting classic designs, the brand incites a gleeful rebellion in fashion routine, granting an upper-edge to your typical daily outfits.

The Attico Decoded: Signature Style

The brand's character shines through with its quintessential fearless color mix, voluptuous volumes, and notable belt selections coupled with killer boots and oversized accessories. Championing over-the-top aesthetics and feminine elegance, the fashion house can be distinguished for its meticulous attention to detail – artful stitching, tasteful embellishments, and the finest cuts form the key signature characteristics of The Attico's collection.

The Celestial Enchantment: The Attico Evening Wear

Under the dazzling city lights, every lady adorned in a lavish ensemble by The Attico emanates nothing less than a celestial aura. The brand's sumptuous evening wear line merges vintage cues and modern designs with an elaborate use of sequins, metallic hues, and tactile velvets, curating the desired shimmering glamour while maintaining elegance.

Acquiring The Attico Elegance: Shopping on Miinto

The opportunity to arm your own closet with the charm of The Attico has never been more accessible, thanks to Miinto. Explore collections that caters from daily streetwear to ravishing party attire accompanied by a myriad of exquisite boots and accessories. Shopping in Miinto brings you closer to the most coveted pieces of the season from a multitude of high-end brands, including The Attico, offering an unparalleled shopping experience. Let The Attico transport you to a realm where authenticity and audacity reign, where the blending of ancestral motifs and contemporary fabrics spark audacious artistic dialogues, fostering an indelible empowering narrative with each ensemble adorning your silhouette. Through their innovative designs, they pledge to an aesthetic pledge of an upper-edge, luxury rebellion that emboldens your style proclamation. Embrace the delightful cocktail of metropolitan glamour, ostentatious rebelliousness, and avant-garde styles with The Attico.

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The Attico

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