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Just as sunlight and air are essential for life, so too is the fashion brand, Our Legacy. Never stagnant, the brand evolves organically, surprising even the most meticulous trendwatchers. Our Legacy defies genres and seasons, churning out pieces that are always in style and perfectly wearable. It's a beacon of modernism, sprouting roots in the past and reaching up to the stars in search of progress.

Akulturated Beginnings

Our Legacy is a self-described “Akulturated” brand. It's a fitting label for the brand that was birthed by two friends who shared a profound sense of style and passion for apparel, but eschewed the traditional structures of the fashion industry. A lifestyle unto themselves, the founders poured their love for self-expression, film, art and various visual discourses into creating unique, stand-out pieces.

Inside Our Legacy’s Universe

Our Legacy impresses with an astounding spectrum of wearable art. Akin to a treasure trove for the fashion-conscious, this brand offers a unique medley of unconventionally classic pieces. From subdued basics that make up the core of any solid wardrobe to flamboyant pieces that give you that elusive ‘edge’, there is a je ne sais quoi that adheres perfectly with those looking for a progressive aesthetic.

The Our Legacy Lexicon

At the core of Our Legacy’s identity are spirited deconstructionism, playful minimalism and spontaneous bursts of boldness. The brand revels in the rich tapestry of colors, but not in any ordinary way. Stripes dance with abstract patterns, and colors splash their vigor on muted canvases. Each handcrafted piece is a walking testament to how chaos and subtlety can wed elegantly.

The Unseen Metamorphosis

Our Legacy puts immense weight in the transformative capacity of their clothing, relying on the daily wear and tear to sculpt their clothing into a constantly evolving canvas. Each garment tells a unique story that ages gracefully, and adds a layer of patina over time, resulting in pieces that grow more alluring as they are worn and used.

Embrace Our Legacy at Miinto

The curated Our Legacy collection at Miinto is your fast pass to stepping up the fashion ladder. Dip into their expansive cache, which is always flush with trend-defining apparels. From relaxed shirts imprinted with eye-catching graphics to versatile, timeless coats and high-waist jeans for men and women, dressing well just got a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Ultimately, Our Legacy's charm lies in its ability to re-engineer fashion norms, merging disparate elements into something extravagantly ordinary. It is for the individual looking to invest in pieces that stand the test of time, and remain resiliently fashionable amidst the shift, tumble, and whirl of trends. The enigma that is Our Legacy dances on the fingertips of artistic mastery and commercial success, holding its place firmly in the beating heart of contemporary fashion.

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Our Legacy

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