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Based in Brazil, Melissa is a global fashion brand famous for its iconic PVC jelly shoes. It has made its mark in the industry with its unique and innovative clothing items. Melissa has always managed to stay true to its roots, but at the same time, they have evolved with the changing markets.

Walking through Melissa's Legacy

The Melissa brand, a subsidiary of the larger Grendene Group, has always been a trailblazer, daring to tread paths other brands wouldn't even consider. They broke new ground in the 1980s when they introduced their famous brightly colored, scented jelly shoes. The stylish, affordable, and versatile shoes have since become synonymous with the brand and have set the tone for everything else they have done.

Dive into Melissa’s World

Introduced more than forty years ago, Melissa is a brand now recognised worldwide, influencing trends, and breaking barriers. The iconic 'Melissa Scent', an integral aspect of the brand, triggers sentiments of nostalgia amongst its users. Current collaborations with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jason Wu continue to elevate Melissa as a global fashion force.

What Makes a Melissa?

Modern, playful, and versatile are the words that best describe Melissa’s variety. The iconic jelly shoes are only the starting point. They have a broad product line from bags to sunglasses, all crafted with the brand's signature flair. Melissa’s strength lies in its innovative spirit - constantly experimenting with different materials, style, and designs in order to bring something fresh to its customers.

Melissa's Unique Collaborations

One of the features that sets Melissa apart is its frequent and successful collaborations with other reputable fashion designers and artists. These collaborations have allowed the brand to explore new territories while ensuring it remains relevant, stylish, and desirable.

Your Gateway to Melissa on Miinto

Taking your shopping spree as an experience, Miinto features an extensive collection of Melissa's offerings. From their signature jelly shoes to other fashion accessories, you can now add a distinct vibe to your closet with Melissa's products using a simple click, all on Miinto online marketplace. Enjoy a smooth shopping experience tailored just for you. Melissa is a brand that embodies a sense of joy and playfulness. Its ability to combine practicality, versatility, and style is a testament to the brand's success and the reason it continues to have a strong hold in the fashion industry today. Whether you opt for the classic jelly shoe or their designer collaborations, Melissa offers style in a unique and refreshing form.

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