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Marella is an iconic Italian brand that offers a contemporary spin on classic fashion tailoring. Known for its polished, elegant, and feminine collections, which include clothing, accessories and outerwear, Marella brings the richness of Italy's fashion heritage to a global audience.

The Birth of Marella

Founded by the Max Mara Fashion Group, Marella captured the spirit of Italian design that was taking the fashion world by storm. Masterful tailoring, rich fabrics, and keen attention to detail soon became the brand's trademark, fostering a reputation for quality and style. Throughout the decades, it retained its focus on creating versatile, functional collections that cater to the modern woman’s needs.

The Marella Experience

Marella offers a total look that encompasses everything from coats and jackets to suits and chic accessories. The brand’s commitment to quality is clear the moment you see one of their pieces. Their collections exude a modern elegance and a functional design that compels you to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. The brand offers an aesthetic experience that finds balance in contrasts, combining tradition and innovation, creating lines that are glamorous but practical, polished yet comfortable.

Essence of the Brand

Every garment crafted by Marella brings an embodiment of quality Italian design, turning everyday dressing into a distinctive statement. The brand stands by the principle of quality over quantity, uniting fine materials with professional craftsmanship. Marella’s universal appeal comes from its ability to capture the fashion zeitgeist while remaining faithful to its roots, generating a timeless charm instilled in every garment.

An Ensemble in Everyday Life

Admiring Marella’s catalogue, you’re bound to notice the emphasis on usability. The brand uses its unique sense of style to transform day-to-day items into fashion statements. Marella's designs respect the natural form of the human body, using loose tailoring and upscale materials to shape a comfortable yet captivating silhouette that can be worn to office meetings, dinners, or around town.

Marella: Graceful & Accessible on Miinto

Miinto is proud to host a range of Marella's fashions, adding sophistication and elegance to its wide collection. Dresses that embellish the natural silhouette, jackets that pronounce style and comfort, and accessories that act as statement pieces available at Miinto, make it the ideal platform for those seeking Marella’s Italian elegance. Marella continues to be a beacon of Italian fashion, successfully upholding the price-quality relation, and embodying the essence of Italian craftsmanship in each piece. Over-ingenuity is avoided while a subtle elegance is maintained, giving the garments a timeless simplicity that is universally alluring. Through its respect for traditions and continued innovation, Marella provides women all over the world with accessible luxury, proving that high-quality and elegance can be wonderfully harmonized. So, whether you're looking to uplift an everyday outfit or need the perfect dress for a special occasion, Marella and Miinto have got you covered!

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