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Malone Souliers is a luxury brand that has captured the attention and affection of sophisticated shoppers around the world. Known for their seamlessly handcrafted designs, their footwear is designed to be timeless and innovative, blending artisanal skill with creative, forward-thinking design.

The Footsteps Leading up to Malone Souliers

The brand, though widely recognised and respected within the fashion industry now, had humble origins. It was founded by Mary Alice Malone, a Pennsylvanian native who went from being a equestrian and a welder to a Cordwainers graduate. Joined by co-founder and Managing Director, Roy Luwolt, they embarked on creating footwear that embodies remarkable craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Their commitment led to the launch of their debut collection at London Fashion Week in 2014 which received critical acclaim and set a path of success for Malone Souliers.

Entering the World of Malone Souliers

Every shoe from Malone Souliers tells a story, from the Parisian flair evident in beautiful arcs and the distinct toe shapes to the use of colour and fabric for the perfect finish. The hallmark of the brand is its dedication to the ‘savoir-faire’ - a French term for 'know-how' - melding aesthetic appeal with painstaking precision.

The Signature Touch of Malone Souliers

Malone Souliers’ designs feature a median band across the upper - this has become a distinctive signature style element. Each pair also exhibits superior fit, with a commitment to creating a harmonious bridge between aesthetics and comfort. Unique and bold colour combinations, handcrafted from the finest leathers and textile, set this brand apart from others within the luxury market.

The Malone Souliers Femininity

Malone Souliers is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and femininity. Each shoe design values the delicate relationship between the shoe and its wearer. The brand seeks to empower women by enhancing their individual beauty and character through the pieces they wear on their feet.

Paving the Way with Malone Souliers on Miinto

Miinto offers an attractive collection of Malone Souliers, making it the ideal online marketplace to invest in this luxury brand. Whether you are looking for classic pumps for the office, elegant heels for a wedding, or trendy sandals for a casual day out, Miinto has it all. With the versatility and elegance of Malone Souliers, the perfect pair is just a click away on Miinto. The brand's legacy, established by founders Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt, continues to strengthen. The iconic combination of modern elements with traditional craftsmanship has positioned Malone Souliers as a top design house. It’s luxury redefined, with a commitment to superior quality that resonates with customers around the globe. The embodiment of modern elegance, Malone Souliers is a timeless brand for the discerning shopper.

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Malone Souliers

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