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Jacquemus brand, known for its innovative designs and minimalist aesthetics, has been ruling the hearts of fashion enthusiasts for quite some time now. The designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus, creates strong silhouettes with a raw edge, brought into balance by the use of featherweight fabrics. Every Jacquemus collection reveals an intriguing exploration of contemporary femininity, with designs that boast impeccable proportions, intriguing angles, and surprising combinations of materials.

The Fashionable Origins of Jacquemus

A captivating narrative sits at the heart of the Jacquemus brand. The French brand is named after the designer's mother's maiden name, which she used before passing away when the designer was only 19. This tragedy led Simon Porte Jacquemus to dive into the world of fashion design as a form of solace and self-expression. The designer launched the brand from nothing - self-taught, determined, and inspired by his humble upbringing in the South of France. Today, his unique interpretation of 'new sexy' resonates with the modern, confident woman.

Exploring the World of Jacquemus

When you step into the world of Jacquemus, you are greeted by a bold, experimental aesthetic. The designer loves to challenge traditional conceptions of beauty through asymmetrical designs, oversized items, and unexpected fabrics. Despite maintaining this bold aesthetic, Jacquemus balances strength with delicacy, often referencing the French countryside of his childhood with soft materials, gentle colours, and occasional rustic prints.

Defining Elements of Jacquemus

Jacquemus can be characterized by its design philosophy of beautiful tension. A Jacquemus item exhibits a daring contrast between the minimalist and the avant-garde, showcasing the duality that resides within modern femininity. This blending of soft and hard, light and dark, sophisticated and simple, makes every Jacquemus piece a conversation starter. Additionally, the brand's bags, distinguished by geometric shapes and bright colours, became a sensation earning a devoted following.

Jacquemus Aesthetics for Beauty Lovers

Jacquemus goes beyond clothing – it extends into lifestyle, home decor, and beauty. Through the bold yet refined aesthetic of the brand, fashion-savvies can also personalize their make-up zone. The brand's collection includes aesthetic beauty mirrors that not only function well but also complement the modern milieu.

Finding Jacquemus on Miinto

Fashion lovers can now choose their favourite Jacquemus pieces from Miinto’s collections. We are devoted to making shopping an enjoyable experience. Every Jacquemus product in our assortment - be it apparel, bags, or beauty mirrors, reflects high-quality and unique design aesthetics prevalent in all works of Simon Porte Jacquemus. In the end, Jacquemus is not just a fashion label, but a way of life that questions the norms and pushes the boundaries. By shopping on Miinto, you have the opportunity to take home a piece of this extraordinary world that challenges tradition and celebrates contemporary femininity.

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