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Norwegian-based fashion company, Helly Hansen, is known for its plastic and waterproof clothing, typically worn for sports such as skiing or hiking. These functional and technical garments are exceptional in quality and demonstrate a commitment to well-made, high-performance clothing. Helly Hansen is well loved among outdoor enthusiasts, adventurous souls, and professional seafarers worldwide thanks to their innovative, durable, and reliable designs.

Rooted in Nautical Traditions

Starting off from the frigid Norwegian coastline, Helly Hansen was established in 1877 by its namesake, who was a sea captain. This rich seafaring heritage has been engraved deeply into the brand’s DNA ever since. The brand's main goal was to revolutionize the standard pertaining to waterproof clothing for professionals. Today, Helly Hansen remains rooted in genuine gear that's trusted by professionals on oceans, mountains and worksites.

Explore the Expanse of Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is more than merely a clothing brand. It's a lifestyle - an encapsulation of freedom, adventure, and passion. Their signature gear covers the broad spectrum from performance driven sportswear to recreational activity apparel, all designed to keep you protected while outdoors. This is apparel for those who seek adventure, regardless of weather conditions; designed with authenticity, style, and ruggedness in mind.

The Distinctive Details of Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen stands out with its distinctive Scandinavian design aesthetic and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand boasts an extensive range of apparel, footwear and accessories for both men and women created fully with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Ranging from hardcore sports gear to dressed-down casual wear, each piece reflects the brand's commitment to total functionality, quality and endurance.

Helly Hansen’s Exceptional Innovation

Since its inception, Helly Hansen has consistently prioritized innovation. The brand invented the first supple, waterproof fabrics and developed the three-layer principle to further enhance waterproofness. They were also the first ones to implement an in-built lifeline system into apparel, proving their dedication to users' safety and comfort.

Purchase Helly Hansen on Miinto

Explore the widest range of Helly Hansen collections on Miinto. With sophisticated designs, exceptional quality, and praised performance, shopping for Helly Hansen on Miinto is both easy and enjoyable. Find their leading lines of ski and hiking outfits, outdoor footwear, accessories, and even versatile city wear. In closing, Helly Hansen is a brand for lively souls; for those yearning to embrace the world around them without fear or compromise. Through weather-protective and technologically advanced clothing, it offers a promise of safety, comfort, and freedom to outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers worldwide. Sensible Scandinavian design, modernized features, and excellent quality personify Helly Hansen's character – one that has faithfully served the world for over a century. Whether it is snow or rain, mountain or sea, with Helly Hansen, you're suitably outfitted from head to toe for every season and every situation. Choose durability and style hand in hand – choose Helly Hansen.

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Helly Hansen

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