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Etro is an iconic Italian fashion brand, known for its vibrant use of colours and detailed patterns - most notably, the Paisley. Founded in Milan, this family-led label brings a unique twist to fashion with its bohemian-style twists to classic cuts and modern shapes. Its designs are for women and men who desire to have a touch of the exotic and undeniable quality in their wardrobes.

Tracing Back the Paisley Roots

Established by Gimmo Etro in 1968, Etro cemented itself in the fashion industry through its distinct style—elegantly ostentatious and exuberantly colourful. The brand developed a unique identity linked to the paisley motif, a droplet-shaped vegetable design of Persian origin, which became its trademark. Under the guiding hand of the Etro family, the label became a powerhouse in the Italian fashion landscape by steadfastly sticking to its aesthetic, even when it diverged from trends in the industry.

Embrace the Etro Extravagance

Etro is more than a brand; it’s an experience - a treat for the eyes and the senses. Known for its fiercely bright and extensively detailed fabrics, this brand delivers a happy riot of colours and designs that instantly catch any fashion enthusiast's attention. Etro transcends barriers with its genre-bending blend of traditional and modern aesthetic, ushering in a new vocabulary of elegance that's an intoxicating blend of boho-chic and luxury.

Signature Styles of Etro

Etro has its pool of signature designs that sets it apart from the mass market players. Famed for its bold use of colour and intricate patterns, this brand embodies the aura of Italian craftsmanship. With a focus on natural fabrics like silk, cashmere, and cotton, Etro's range of clothing showcases elaborate prints and detailing. The brand's tailored pieces are beautifully crafted with an intricate focus on detail, presenting trend-aligned styles draped in luxurious materials.

Unfolding Etro's Love for Scarves

What truly marks Etro out in the fast-paced, trend-driven world of fashion is its persistent love for scarves. Since its inception, the brand has embraced the scarf as an intrinsic part of its style and narrative. Etro's iconic scarf has seen variants in the finest, most luxurious materials. These scarves, exquisitely fused with rich colours and intricate designs, rolled out to create a timeless accessory that exudes a stamp of Italian elegance in every fold.

Etro's Luxe Closet on Miinto

For those who resonate with Etro's distinct rich and vibrant style, Miinto offers a vast choice of the brand's exclusive items. Packed with strikingly bold prints and lush fabrics, Etro's pieces on Miinto radiate sophistication and tons of personality. It's not just about clothing; Miinto also showcases a variety of accessories from Etro, from opulent silk scarves to stylish handbags and exquisite perfumes. Let's bring home a unique piece of Italian couture. As a brand, Etro persistently impresses its customers with a refreshed sense of style and serves as a stable fashion house producing perfect blending of traditional artistry with modern innovation. When choosing Etro, you are not simply opting for a brand; you are choosing a lifestyle, one that exudes a playfully opulent European charm. It truly encapsulates "la dolce vita" - the sweet life - in every stitch and print.

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