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Etnia Barcelona stands as one of Spain's most celebrated designer brands. With its philosophy of strong character and creative reinvention, it delights the international fashion community with its globally inspired collections and forward-thinking approach to style and design.

Deconstructing the Past: Etnia Barcelona's Visionary Origins

Etnia Barcelona was born from the desire to revolutionize eyewear design. Its founder, David Pellicer, made his debut in the fashion industry working in his father's small eyewear machine parts factory from a young age. Pellicer would ultimately take the knowledge and experience he gathered from his father’s business to launch his own independent brand. His aspiration: to create quality, fashion-forward eyewear at affordable prices.

Meet Etnia Barcelona: Unapologetically Creative, Distinctly Different

Etnia Barcelona defies the norm with its reimagining of bespoke eyewear. Rejecting the prevalent trend of mass-produced eyewear, the brand embraces creativity, diversity, and audacity in its collections. Inspired by the bustling streets of Barcelona, its designs pay homage to the city's rich cultural and artistic traditions, playing upon concepts of form, color, and pattern in ingenious and unexpected ways.

Not Just an Eyewear, A Work of Art

Each pair of Etnia Barcelona glasses illustrates the distinct personality of the wearer. Handcrafted with exceptional expertise and precision, the glasses incorporate premium quality metals and natural mineral lenses. High-definition colors, superior light protection, and anti-reflective lenses are some of the exclusive features found in their array of stylish eyewear. Moreover, with their diverse offerings in refreshing bursts of color as well as in elegant, neutral hues, Etnia Barcelona frames suit a wide variety of fashion senses.

Etnia Barcelona: Craftsmanship Beyond Ordinary

Etnia Barcelona glasses mirror a flawless blend of traditional production techniques and cutting-edge technology. Every piece exhibits craftsmanship of the highest caliber, showcasing the passion, time, and dedication that goes into their making. It is this attention to detail and commitment to excellence that distinguish Etnia Barcelona in the world of fashion.

Express Yourself with Etnia Barcelona on Miinto

Miinto, your fashion-forward online marketplace, is proud to present a wide selection of Etnia Barcelona's remarkable products. Choosing to shop with us gives you the promise of authenticity and an assurance of quality. Step into the world of Etnia Barcelona with Miinto - Find your perfect pair, and grow your collection with vibrant, unique, and beautifully crafted eyewear that perfectly enhances your style. As we leave you to immerse yourself in the world of stylish frames and striking designs, our hope lies in the belief that each of you will find your perfect match in our assortment of Etnia Barcelona eyewear. Remember - there's no better accessory to express your individuality than a pair of statement frames. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Etnia Barcelona serves as a constant reminder of the beauty in being different.

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Etnia Barcelona

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