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Espadrilles is a Spanish term which refers to a type of footwear characterized by its woven sole, traditionally made from esparto rope. Espadrilles originated from regions of Spain and have been widely adopted by numerous fashion brands. It's not a singular brand name, instead it refers to a style of shoe that has been produced by many brands worldwide. With this in mind, this piece will focus on the fashion style of Espadrilles, and the influences it's had on trends and brands.

A Historical Look at Espadrilles

Espadrilles originate from Mediterranean cultures, particularly those found around the Pyrenees mountains, which straddle the border between France and Spain. Traditionally, they were considered peasant footwear due to their easy-to-craft nature, using natural materials available at hand. This changed in the mid 20th century, when they were revitalised within the fashion industry. Ever since, they have become a stylish summer staple, finding their way into wardrobes the world over.

A Deep Dive into the Espadrilles Trend

Distinct for their jute rope soles and canvas uppers, Espadrilles are synonymous with casual yet stylish summer footwear. The authentically crafted shoes have been transformed by today's fashion industry, resulting in a variety of designs including slip-ons, tie-up versions, platforms, flats, and even heeled espadrilles. Despite these adaptations, the core elements of traditional Espadrilles remain the same, reflecting their deep-rooted history.

The Appeal of Espadrilles

The allure of Espadrilles lies in their sturdiness combined with a relaxed aesthetic. Fashion brands often experiment with bold colours, prints, and materials, keeping the design fresh and fashion-forward. From beachwear to cityscape-strolling, Espadrilles versatility makes them a well-loved choice among fashion-conscious individuals worldwide.

The Espradrilles Influence

The far-reaching ripple effect of Espadrilles is evident in many collections of high-end designers like Chanel, Valentino and Gucci. These luxury brands have incorporated this timeless style into their collections, transforming it into an iconic shoe that echoes their own brand philosophies whilst retaining the classical espadrille design.

Find Your Perfect Espadrille on Miinto

Miinto hosts an extensive range of Espadrilles that cater to all fashion lovers. With footwear from fashionable brands like Gaimo, Paez, and Toni Pons who all adopt the Espadrilles style, you're spoilt for choice. Choose from classic slip-ons to more contemporary designs that blend the traditional with the modern. Shop stylish espadrilles on Miinto and infuse your summer style with a hint of Spanish flair. Espadrilles transcend trends. Their charm lies in the fusion of a casual design with a storied history. Traditional by heart, trendy by nature, Espadrilles bring summer style to life. Walk through life with a statement shoe that is never out of place, available on Miinto. Find your perfect pair of Espadrilles today.

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