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Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Australia's most revered fashion brand, Camilla. A unique blend of eclectic artwork and free-spirited designs, Camilla has graced the global fashion arena with a hybrid of bohemian and luxury fashion.

Escapades Into Camilla's Past

Camilla Franks, a budding artist and actor, founded this brand in 2003. Known for her eccentric and artistic approach, Camilla decided to translate her artistic inspirations into dresses and costumes. Abandoning her career in acting, she instead chose to shape the Australian fashion industry in her unique way. Fuelled by her passion for theatre and art, the journey embarked has manoeuvred into the hearts of many around the globe.

Unveil the Magic of Camilla

Unravel the grandeur and lavishness that Camilla has to offer. Known for its extravagant designs, this brand undoubtedly immerses the essence of Australian beauty in its couture, creating a perfect concoction of sophistication and casualness. Exhibiting a varied collection of printed evening wear, stunning swimwear and opulent accessories, every cutting-edge design crafted speaks the true spirit of its founder.

Peculiar Traits - The Camilla Charm

Character is defined by traits and Camilla's designs exemplify this. One of the most distinguishing features of the brand's collections is the eclectic artistic prints that radiate vibrancy. Additionally, the use of luxurious fabrics, intricate embellishments and versatile cuts enhances their grandeur. Each piece is an artwork that embodies individualism and free-spiritedness - a true testament to the brand's core values and aesthetics.

Immersing into the World of Kaftans

While it highlights a myriad of collections, it is their iconic Kaftans that make Camilla unique. Admired for their versatility, the kaftans spell elegance with a touch of comfort. These excellent renditions of a classic attire, available in various lengths and adorned with embellishments, capture the essence of the Camilla experience.

Experiencing Camilla through Miinto

Dreaming of owning these enchanting ensembles? Indulge in your passions at Miinto, your one-stop online destination for Camilla's designs. Get access to a wide spread of hand-picked styles ranging from extravagant evening wear to lush accessories. Miinto offers the luxury of embracing the Camilla spirit from the comfort of your home. Camilla weaves together a fascinating story of Australian artistry translated through stunning fashion couture. By adding flamboyant prints to luxurious fabrics and tailor-made designs, Camilla fills a void in the world of haute couture. Through a shared commitment to fashion-forward design and high-end style, Miinto is the ideal space for those hoping to curate their wardrobe with the magical touch of Camilla.

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