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Starting with an unnamed introduction, the path taken by AZ FACTORY into the world of fashion is truly remarkable. Known for its innovative and digital-driven concepts, this brand sets itself to revolutionize the fashion world. Expressing uniqueness while keeping an eye on accessibility and diversity, every piece designed by AZ FACTORY tells a story, transporting wearers to the world of creativity and daring fashion.

Backstage – The Tale of AZ FACTORY

Beginning its journey under the name AZ Atelier, the company was rechristened as AZ FACTORY after the nod from Saudi Arabian investment fund that extended its support to uplift the brand. It was the brainchild of Alber Elbaz, a visionary who believed in the combined power of love, dreams and technology and thus founded a start-up of smart fashion, AZ FACTORY. Alber Elbaz's disruptive ideas and humanitarian spirit empowered the brand to weave dreams into impeccable dresses that adapt to diverse body shapes, enhancing elegance and functionality.

Walk into the World of AZ FACTORY

Stepping into the world of AZ FACTORY is like stepping into a new horizon of fashion. Here, every piece has a story and even though the language of this narrative is universal, it carries a unique personality of its own! AZ FACTORY isn't just about fashion; it involves innovation and technology to create designs that are thoughtful and cater to the needs of modern women.

Distinctive Threads of AZ FACTORY

AZ FACTORY thrives on diversity and inclusiveness. Its individualistic approach towards fashion reflects in the unconventional designs, expressing freedom and empowerment. Sporty components combined with exquisite detailing are integral elements of the brand's creation. A mix of statements pieces elegantly aligned with classic styles are imbued in each product. The perfect blend of fashion and wearability makes AZ FACTORY products ideal for modern, style-conscious women.

My Dear Body Collection: An Ode To Women

In tribute to women's diverse body shape, My Dear Body Collection by AZ FACTORY is a revolutionary concept. This collection was conceived with the intention of celebrating women through design, emphasizing comfort and embracing every woman's uniqueness. Complete with stylish dresses, bonded activewear and wave-textured option, this assemblage redefines fashion with consideration and affection.

Shop AZ FACTORY on Miinto: An Experience

Bringing the magic of AZ FACTORY closer to fashion enthusiasts, Miinto offers a wide range of AZ FACTORY's inspired pieces. From innovative, pointe technologic dresses to comfortable yet stylish hoodies, every item is designed with care and understanding of the modern woman. Shopping AZ FACTORY on Miinto introduces you to a unique shopping experience aligned with the brand's innovative spirit. Among the crowd of brands chasing trends, AZ FACTORY stands apart, celebrating individuality, diversity, and innovation. With its creative amalgam of design and technology, the fashion brand paints an inclusive future. If you value these qualities as much as AZ FACTORY does, why not embark on an extraordinary fashion journey with them and let their pieces define your personal style vocabulary?

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