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Alanui, Italian for "great path", is a remarkable fashion brand on Miinto that emanates an air of wanderlust, luxury, and creativity. Wearing a piece from Alanui is like flipping open pages of an adventure book, each thread and emblem telling a rich tale of exploration.

A Thread-yarn History

The history of Alanui is both fascinating and heartfelt. It all began with two siblings, Carlotta and Nicolò Oddi, who stumbled upon a vintage cardigan in a Los Angeles flea market. This garment sparked their imagination, initiating a creative journey that gave birth to Alanui in 2016. The unisex label is known for its signature cardigans, which beautifully loop back to the siblings' initial inspiration.

Navigating through Alanui

Discover the brand's unique aesthetic. Alanui seamlessly blends fine craftsmanship with explorative iconography to deliver a collection of idiosyncratic apparel. Each piece embodies the spirit of a global journey, with intricate details inspired by native-American iconography, translating the allure of various cultures into wearable art.

The Alanui Signature

Each Alanui item is characterized by its exquisite quality and intricate details. Made from Italian Cashmere, the designs involve up to 11 hours of knitting and six hours of assembly, requiring meticulous and dedicated artisans. The label's famed cardigans are a tribute to traditional craftsmanship, featuring jacquard motifs, fringes, and patchwork elements, all designed to tell a vivid story.

Crossing the Line in Style

When it comes to fashion, Alanui is an undeniable game-changer. They transcend gender norms with their iconic unisex collection, inspiring a freer approach to fashion where individual expression reigns supreme. In a world governed by divisions, Alanui inspires all to cross the line in style.

Paving Your Path with Alanui on Miinto

Discovering your personal style is an adventure in itself. Alanui resonates with such adventurous souls who seek uniqueness and superior quality. Begin your journey with Alanui on Miinto. The brand offers a wide range of apparel, from their signature cardigans and graphic tees, to edgy denim jackets, you are sure to find the perfect piece to accompany you on your next fashion adventure. Alanui is more than just a fashion brand. It's a wearable travel diary, designed for style enthusiasts who appreciate intricate details and wish to exhibit their individuality. Whether preparing for a bonfire session in the mountains or simply adding layers to a street-chic look, fling on an Alanui cardigan, and embark on a journey of personal style. The brand is a testament to the love and craftsmanship that becomes evident from the instant its products grace your skin. Dive deep into the vibrant world of Alanui and allow Miinto to guide you through this 'great path'.

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