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Acne Studios is a stellar addition to the sophisticated array of fashion brands on offer at Miinto. The Swedish brand treads the fine line between runway haute couture and mainstream fashion, striking the perfect balance with something for everyone. Recognized for its exemplary mix of Scandi minimalism with modern and avant-garde design, Acne Studios offers a unique take on modern dressing, thereby keeping it second to none in the global fashion scene.

Walking down memory Lane: the inception of Acne Studios

80's punk married to European high-fashion comes alive in Acne Studios' origin story. Founded by Jonny Johansson in Stockholm, the brand's name signifies an acronym for "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions". Acne Studios began as a branch of creative collective project ACNE, that dabbled with varied disciplines such as film, graphic design, and advertising. It was the batch of 100 pairs denim that Jonny Johansson created for friends and family, that became an instant sensation setting the genesis of Acne Studios into motion.

Unlock the Acne Studios' Aesthetic

Acne Studios strikes a charming alliance of clean, modern aesthetics with quality fabrication. Delivering an array of products such as women’s and men’s fashion, accessories, and denim, Acne stands apart with its multi-disciplinary approach to fashion. It's minimalistic and optimistically brutalist designs – sometimes playful, sometimes sober – have earned the industry’s reverence worldwide.

The signature Acne Studios' Look

The Acne Studios' look is centered on redefining functional classics with a quirky touch. The brand menswear appears normal at first glance but is juxtaposed with unexpected glamour. From moto jackets, impeccably tailored outerwear to streamlined boots and iconic scarves. On the other hand, the women's line is architecturally inclined with a hint of surrealistic influences. Cropped knitwear, oversize T-shirts, grazer skirts, and straight pants form the crux of their collection.

Browse Acne Studios on Miinto

Miinto offers a meticulously curated collection of Acne Studios' best-selling items. From garment dyed sweatshirts, light denim jeans, leather jackets to oversized blazers, everything comes wrapped in achingly cool, subversive leisurewear aesthetic on Miinto. Nestled among other contemporaries on Miinto, Acne Studios continues to be a symbolic representation of fresh, creative, and innovative fashion-forward thinking, whose demand never sees a low tide. The Acne Studios on Miinto is your pathway to attain that laid-back and right-off-the-runway Swedish street style.

Eye-catching Odes of Acne Studios’ Design narrative

Defined with niched cuts, tailored pieces, and fascinating color palettes - Acne Studios seamlessly fuses street-style cool with a grown-up sophistication. The brand's recognition for craftsmanship and an eye for details have earned Acne Studios a solid reputation within the industry. Each item by the brand carries a low-key subtlety that underlines the sharp silhouettes, subtle detailing, and praiseworthy quality. Acne Studios has managed to remain anchored in the global fashion field through its timeless and sophisticated collections that seem just as relevant today. This anchoring comes to light when you watch a pair of Acne Studios jeans or their signature face motif pieces turn heads and spark conversations. Their clothing serves as not just ready-to-wear pieces but also fashion statements, and that's what keeps fans in perpetual awe of Acne Studios.

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Acne Studios

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