Sustainability & CSR

Sustainable fashion

The fashion industry is sadly one of the most polluting of all, a rampant issue notably fuelled by excessive production and waste.

About 30% of all clothes produced are never sold, and the price is paid by our planet and the independent fashion boutiques who are left with excess stock as they struggle to sell out their inventory before consumers have moved on to the next trend.

We want to make use of the existing resources by connecting customers with the local shops that already have the products in stock, instead of producing additional stocks. Our goal is to pave the way for a more forward-looking and sustainable fashion industry by minimizing over-production and keeping local physical stores alive and thriving.

Who would want a city without small local businesses? 

In a globalized and hypercompetitive world, we stand for local.

  • We see that overproduction of fashion clothes is a problem in all markets and it simply makes no sense for us why consumers in a local market should buy their goods in a foreign webshop when the products are available locally in physical boutiques. By gathering the best local stores in a country, we can show a very wide and strong selection of the best national and international brands, while ensuring that the physical stores are still there tomorrow.

    Konrad A. Kierklo
    Konrad A. Kierklo Founder, Miinto

Partnership with Red Cross

We believe in creating a more sustainable and equal world – for everyone. Miinto now collaborates with Red Cross to help people in need. When shopping on Miinto, you have the option to donate an amount of your choosing to one of their numerous projects across the globe. All funds collected are entirely donated to the Danish Red Cross.

Go to the Red Cross website to read more about their current projects.

were donated to Red Cross in 2017 & 2018

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