Enable growth of fashion boutiques and brands by providing seamless, innovative and insight driven world class e-commerce and omnichannel solutions – while being nice, cooperative and always striving to improve our partners business.


To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and technology needs of boutiques, brands and customers in the fashion industry.

Key values


We are here because we love what we do. And we’ve gotten so far as we have because we love what we do. We believe that we are the most innovative, productive and creative human beings when we have fun doing what we do. Passion will take you a long way and we only work with passionate people who wants to do more, create more, and who wants to make a difference.


We are hard to please and will never be content. There will always be ways to improve and there will always be new markets and challenges to conquer. We work harder and smarter, we measure and improve, we set ambitious goals. And we always get ourselves where we want to be.


The concept of Miinto is born from partnerships with boutiques and brands. We can only exist by keeping on investing and developing the bonds between ourselves and our many appreciated partners across the countries. Our mission is to support and improve our partners’ businesses, identifying new possibilities and developing new solutions. Whenever they do well, we do well.


We rarely leave the office without being just a bit wiser than when we arrived in the morning. At Miinto we like to challenge ourselves and each other because we know that innovation and creative solutions demands an appetite for wisdom. We make things happen, we challenge the status quo, we are the game changers.


We only hire the most gifted people with the biggest drive. We value a joyful working environment and we consider a close team work as an essential part of working at Miinto as we appreciate the way our talented minds share knowledge and skills amongst each other, resulting in even better achievements in the long run. We believe, that the real magic happens when you challenge and get challenged by the people around you.