Miinto is still experiencing growth across all markets. Compared to 2014 the sale has gone up by 13 per cent and the number of orders to the boutiques has increased from 489.000 orders last year to a total of 550.000 orders in 2015. Altogether resulting in a total of -2,2 million. DKK. compared to last years 8,3 million DKK.

The financial statements for 2015 are also the result of a major turnaround, which was launched in 2013. After several years of rapid expansion, there has been a need to trim Miinto’s costs and focus on the profitable parts of the business. An initiative involving large reductions in costs and massive investments in marketing and IT – investments that Miinto now is beginning to see the results of.

“I am very pleased with Miinto’s progress. It has been crucial for us that the growth is healthy and that our business is geared for future growth. It provides a strong foundation to build on in 2016, “says Konrad Kierklo, CEO and co-founder of Miinto.


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